Welcome to "rockland"!

It´s super-fun you find my blogg! I qickly realized that most of you visiting my blog is not really in to swedish. Sorry about that, changing to english may get you to understand me a bit better ;)

 I just started my craziest journey so far in life. I finally decided to take myself on a journey in Rockland - here I come! No one is safe anymore ... hahaha.

Grew up surrounded by rock music and many of the great songs out there has inspired me to take on this strange and maybe stupid journey! Over the years I have been writin a lot of lyrics, and now I can´t let them stay in the drawer any longer. So what the fuck, why don´t let them out and start a journey to the studio and make at least three of the songs come alive?

Join me on the journey and become part of my trip (I can garantee you will have a few laughs on the way...) So, think there will be a demo or not?