Rock vocalist

Trying to be a female rock vocalist is quite hard. At least for me. Man, trying to find that power is a real struggle. Soft songs is no problems but then I try to sing my rocksongs...uhmmm. Got a great deal of technicalities to work on there.
It sucks, but what the heck, if I want to do this it's just to step up with that vocal training.

These "small" problems of mine means that my next song "Betrayal" will not be done tomorrow. That song requires power to be as great at it could be so I'll let it take time.

Now to the fun stuff!
Me and my collab just finished off another song together, called "I'm not made of stone" :)
I'll let you know when and where to find it!




...is golden. Or is it?
You haven't heard from me in a while.  Life came in my way. What am I up to?
Trying to finish up a recording for my friend in Austria. The trouble is my soundcard that seems to want to take it's last breath. Damn...
Let's see if it can be fixed somehow!
Also keep working on my own song,  takes a while to get it all the way we want it:)

Above all, I still try to find the voice I think I can have somewhere in there...
Wishing u all a great day!


Vincent van Gogh

Finally the song I made with two collabs of mine is on the Vincent van Gogh gallery! Quite cool and fun (especially when "Mazing Mary Rocks" are responsible for the vocals, haha. Maybe it would have been a bit more appropriate to use my real name on that site :)
The song is really nice but we can for sure discuss if it "rocks" ;)
You can find it here:


Time to record!

Yes! Finally we got to the stage where I'm up for recording vocals for my home made song "Betrayal"!
This song does really mean the world to me and it is freakin awsome! I can only do my best with the vocals but this song is from my heart and I feel that I need to sing it. If it sounds crappy with me on it, it will end up in the drawer. That would be a big shame so tomorrows recording feels a bit scary...