Bloody, bloody hell

Hmm, when I think of it...this could have been a new song of mine. But it isn't. It is just a little showcase of how I feel for tomorrow. Have to go to the job centre for the first time ever and it makes me feel sick! But, you know what? I am a really good lyricist - up for hire!! Hehe, but I am actually serious. I have been there, done that, bla,bla. And now all I want is to fix some nice music for you all. Is that so wrong? Isn't there some spell, potion or whatever out there that could help? Greetings from the crazy girl //MMR


Hey! Hopefully I will be able to record the lyrics tomorrow! I am definitely feeling better from the cold now. So now I am rehersing the song, trying to learn the lyrics and get the right feeling to it. Excited :) //MMR


...know what?

I realized I am one hell of a lucky girl! When I look back on these months I got to say I am surprised. Here I am, a rookie living on the contryside in Sweden. Trying to write about my insane journey. You know what the most crazy thing is to me? That you actually read it! That means a lot to me! I discussed this with a friend the other day. I said I was surprised and happy so many reads my blog. I don't know how you found me. I started this under my artist name and no one, even close to me, knew about it. This means I had no network what so ever from the beginning. But somehow you found me out in cyberspace ;) Keep on reading and I will keep in writing! //MMR


Follow me on Twitter

Btw, you are now able to follow me on Twitter if you like. In the section "about me" you find the link. Havent used it much but I will if you're inrerested! //MMR

Back from delirium

Oh, yeah! Finally the bacteria, virus, deamon or whatever it was is giving up! Slowly coming back from delirium again. My voice is nearly what it should be and I really hope to be able to record lyrics for the lovesong I promised to give a shot at! That's a quite cool project, I think. Just started to sing a few months ago and during that time I only stayed at rock (besides the million diffferent scales I'v been forced to do...thanks vocalcoach!). So this is a challenge for me but as you know by now - challenge is my middlename ;)and I really look forward to do this. Besides staying in bed I managed to write a couple of lyrics. Not because I really need them, I got so many already and so little time to make songs from them :(, but I just felt like it. Never seen myself as a good lyricist, but it is SUPERFUN when I get feedback like "oh, you did it again, another great lyric by you". These kind of comments gives me even more inspiration to keep on. But again, you only like what you like. I bet there are billions of people that would hate my lyrics if they read them but that doesn't matter to me. I do what I like and if just one more person in the world likes it - then it all makes sense to me. Wishing you all a great saturday evening! //MMR



Still got a fever. Maybe I should take the opportunity to write some crazy lyrics while dizzy from high bodytemperature. Could be interesting... While working on getting well I miss my vocal training...It's getting boring. MMR


Argh! I cathed a cold :(

Timing is everything. At least if you are a bacteria or a virus...I were supposed to record vocals for this beautiful song I got the opportunity to work on. And, what happens? Some little bug invaded my body and now my throat is soar. Guess I have to wait a day or two hoping it will be over soon. Nothing to do but wait...Just don't think I will stay on the coach! You know I can't do that, fortunately I am still able to hold a pen and think which means I can keep on working on my lyrics. Hehe, the small bastards can't beat me on that ;) //MMR


Duet all day

Well hello again :) After spending all day working on the rock duet I am pleased to chill out on the couch. The song contains a lot of elements and is already about 4 min long...with half to go! I really want all parts in it because the song is a story. In this case, the story happens to be a bit longer than normal. I comfort myself thinking there is actually songs that's around 17 min or more. Just hope that you will have patience enough to listen to all of it when released. //MMR


Rock duet

Well, I'm not on the lazy side. Today I'm working on a rock duet that I think is going to be amazing! When I wrote the lyrics it was not meant to be a duet but when the song took form it kind of lead in that direction. Superexcited to finish it up!! //MMR


Now it's done!

So now I changed my picture! I also reveald to my mother, hehe, she was kinda shocked. She said: WHAT! You never ever sang, not even baa, baa, black sheep. My God, what could I say... Just a little picture of my life right now ;) //MMR


Haha, can't wait any longer. This is how "angry" I managed to look :) lol!

It's getting hotter

Ok, getting hotter in here. On my way home from a fun photoshoot. Haha, it didn't really get as planned. I was supposed to look a little "rocker-angry" but being a very happy person that was nearly impossible! I ended up joking around whith the photographer instead. Typical me :) He managed to take about 170 photos and most of them are nice. When I upload my selected picture here I will also reveal this ongoing journey those who knows me. Few knows... Take care! MMR



Hi! I feel quite emotional after finishing my first song. I try to live like I want, holding on to my dream with both hands. I can manage to do that as long as I'm unemployed. Of course I want, and need, a job but that will limit the time to spend on music. A sad fact. I keep on working on my songs as much as possible during this time. I also started a new, inspiring collaboration where I will try to put some very emotional vocals on a beautiful song.I'll do my best! MMR


Time to fix a cover

So now when my song is done I need to fix a cover. Not because it's neccessary when its all electronic today. Anyway I figure it would be nice with something more professional than a selfie ;) So on friday I'm off for a photosession. Problem is I hate taking photos...but I feel I have to sacrifice for my song. Think its worth it. And by the same time I am going to reveal this project to family and friends. You know, I kept this project to myself so far. No more hat or hair covering up! //MMR

Off topic - Malaysia Airlines

It is so terrible with the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370. How can a thing like this happen today? How come it is even possible to turn off all the systems for a planes position? I feel for the passangers relaitves. I can't even imagine how stressfull it must be to lack any sorts of information on what happened. Unemployed and should be searching for jobs - I spend time looking at sattelite images on tomnod.com instead. I don't know how much it's worth but can I do anything, even the smallest contribution in this search, I will. //MMR



Hi! I can't tell you how happy I am! Many of you really like the song. That means SO much to me and gives me tons of inspiration to keep on working on more songs. I am lucky having you all around giving me support and meaning to carry on! <3 //MMR


Final version - When You Sleep

Ok, guys. Here it is, the final version! I would love to dedicate this song to the guy that made this happen; the producer Nemo! Find out more about him here: http://www.nemoproductions.org


So here it is, "When you sleep"

Finally, finally! It has arrived! This is probably the final version: https://soundcloud.com/mazingmaryrocks/when-you-sleep


It's done!

A few months ago I never could have thought this was ever going to happen. But now it's done! My producer turned out to be one hell of a guy! He made this song sound exactly like I wanted it to:) and collaborate with him were SO easy! I wish I'll have the opportuniy to work with him again in a near future. Anyone keen to listen? Whatch out, any day "When you sleep" will turn up here... //MMR


What am I going to do next?

Got a question from a reader; what am I going to do next, after the song is produced? When the song is ready I will upload it on a few sites and hoping to get some opinions on it. I'll tell you more about my next project a little later but I can tell you that it will focus around marketing the song. I will also continue to work with my other songs, hopefully creating an album! The sad thing is that it takes time and maybe I need to find other collaborators that have some. Scince I got a few suggestions on different collaborations I hope it will not be a big challenge. We'll see about that. If I get bored I can still write lyrics and hand them over to other bands;) //MMR


Waiting, waiting....

Why is waiting so booooring? Try to get my mind on other thoughts, helps for a minuit or so :/ Probably it's normal for a first-timer like me. Excited is my first name...really look forward to hear the result! //MMR


Now I know

Timeschedule done and now I know for how long I have to wait for a draft of my song. My producer is busy but quick, I will probably have a file back on friday:) Waiting and planning another crazy project meanwhile. Maybe I'll share it with you soon...you never know what I'm up to;) //MMR

The songfiles hit the producer!

After some work the songfiles finally hit the producer yesterday! Nice :) There were seven tracks sent over, including choirs and some other stuff. So now it's time for some nervwrecking waiting... //MMR


Aaargh! Getting insane here, lucky to have my music holding me up

There seems to be no job in sight for me yet, it's getting quite irritating being at home. Searching for jobs isn't what I dream of :( While I'm getting grumpy over that at least I have my music. What in the world should I have done without it?? It feels like that is one of few things that holds me up right now. But even the musicproducing have it's downsides. Sometimes I can't sound like I want to when recording the vocals and I put a lot of effort into developing my voice. And sometimes my collaborators just don't have time for my specific project. And I know, I try to take huge steps in minimal time. Then again, that's me and I can't have it any other way. I enjoy writing this blog and let you follow me in my ups and (mostly) downs (for the moment). When creativity goes down I feel like I am writing the same stuff over and over again. That's why I really would like to know what on this crazy journey you want me to write about. Feel free letting me know! //Grumpy MMR


Beautiful Sin and Maggie Luyten

Maggie Luyten is the female singer in Beautiful Sin and I really can advice you to listen to their album "The Unexpected". She has this really cool, deep voice with a power I could die for! Today I feel quite down because of my voice (see my recently published post)and if I could ever get near the sound of Maggie - I would die from happiness! //MMR

Let the power out

Hmm, I still struggle with my voice...Need to get a hold of what I should do to let the power out more than I can today. Guess I just have to keep seeing my vocal coach and hope we find a way. Anyway, I sometimes doubted there would even be one song produced. Guess I have too high expectations on my self, when you think of it; after three months, hwo would be a flawless singer? After sending the files to the producer, I will start up my second song as soon as possible! Even thoug I sometimes struggle, this journey has just begun... //MMR


This is one hell of a crazy jouney!

Got to tell you...this journey is so freaking crazy...can't believe it. The vocal file is completed with choirs and everything. AND; my producer worked hard today. He is done!! This means that the schedule once again have changed. To the better! So, there is a good chance the song "When you sleep" soon will be available on an intetnet near you...;) //MMR

Time flies and pressure's up

Hi! The final phase is approaching quickly so the statement "time flies and pressure's up" fits my state of mind right now. I talked to my producer yesterday and he is nearly done with his parts so now I will finish up my vocals during the weekend. I will send the file over asap, probably monday. After that I think it will move forward quickly. Maybe and hopefully my first song ever will be done within a couple of weeks :) //MMR


Internet is so not with me

I just hate when my wifi is "out of service". As it's been all day! Have to make an angry call tomorrow hoping that will solve the problem...Have to write this on my mobile connection which also lacks a few things..like speed :/ Didn't do much today but I promised myself to get the vocals recorded for handover to my producer this week. Seems like time go by quickley. //MMR


This journey might actually lead me to my goal

As I stated yesterday, my singing has developed a lot. When I am working with the song and recording the vocals, I feel that this crazy journey might lead me right. I am quite satisfied with the sound of the song! Later on this week I will continue with my second song and I really hope that one will be done in a couple of months or so. It all depends on how much time my collaborator can spare. Craaaazy days!!! /MMR


I´m getting it!

Ha! Another session done with my vocal coach. This time there were no yelling, he actually gave me cred for doing a good job. My intensive training seems to give results! I made a few recordings of my first song thats under production, I am totally amazed by the result so far. This is awsome!! //MMR

Another monday

Another monday to fill with something fun. Going to my tattoist in the afternoon to get my latest skull finished. Had an appointment a few weeks ago but we had to cancel that. Hopefully my arm will be sour, bloody and wrapped in plastic later on ;) Today I will also see my vocal coach, look forward to it! Pictures from saturdays event will show up here eventually, there were six bands playing and let me tell you; what a party!! All bands were really great. Makes me wonder how many bands is really out there and we must miss so many of them. It´s a shame. //MMR


All set for tonights rockparty

This will be great! All is set for tonights rockparty. The stage is built and all bands made their soundcheck. Waiting for take off!! Maybe I share some photos or videos later on:) //MMR