So this is how it went

Performance I did last saturday

Because of time constraints, I could only reherse 2 times with the band before performing. Keep in mind these 2 times were my only ones with a band ever.
Guess that could be enough if you were an experienced singer, which I'm not.

So off we went, thinking we could try my song out in the soundcheck. We did and it went, hrmm, ok.
We decided to just see what happened during the band gig and that maybe my song could be performed a bit later.
All of a sudden, the question hit me.
-Ready for your song?

Hell, yeah! Let's just do it!
I entered the stage without any feelings of nervousness what so ever. Even though I tried really hard to face those feelings, they were not present. Strange!

We started out wrong, which brought with it that I entered the song incorrect. Ah, never mind, no one heard this song before. Hopefully they think it's supposed to sound like this ;)

My first lines were pretty good, I believe. Then I got out of tune. But...I didn't care. I just went on like nothing happened and enjoyed my performance. For real, this was the coolest thing I ever done and I had SO much fun!! Now I can't wait to do it again, a little better next time.



I did it!!

Haha, no one thought this would happen but I just performed with my song "when you sleep"! Superfun!! Can't wait to do it again!!


Todays news

This is it:
1: Session 2 at the vocal coach yesterday. She made me find my strenght, even in the low register! She's the best! We also took a look at the whole of my song "When you sleep". Live on saturday ! Hopefully...
2: New collaboration! I found a band that have a rocksong but no one to record the lyrics. Awsome!! This is going to be FUN!
3: Continued collaboration! You know the guys from Austria? Who had that beatuiful balland that I were lucky enough to do a duet on? They're back! This time I will be the lead singer in a quite mysterious song. I really think it will be a blast!

Yepp, that's it for now!


I'm just a girl. With a lot of nerves.

Rehersal 2 done, with nerves attached.

Yepp, this rehersal I did better. Oddly enough not as good as when I rehersed at home earlier today...
My nerves just tend to go on a journey and take place outside my body. Isn't that annoying?

I now have six days to get my nerves into shape and find a way to make them stay under control. Saturday is THE day. I will not give up. I will not back out of this. I will not let the band down. I will make it.



Tips for stage fright

As you know I am quite nervous for the live performance next saturday. My brand new, splendid vocal coach gave me some tips. Now I want to hear from you!

Even if you haven't been in the exact situation of a live-gig, all of us made some kind of performance in life. Maybe you were forced to give a lecture in your work or hold a speech of some kind.

Help me ut here and extend the list below. I'll write some of the tips I already have.

1) Pretend the crowd is naked (hrm...)
2) Pretend you are a star and that the audience can't do it better themselfs.
3) Pretend you are surrounded by warriors protecting you from negative energy (ok...?)
4) Connect with one person in the audience and sing to him/her.

So I managed to get 4 in my list but I bet you have some great tips aswell!
To make this a little more exciting, the one who comes up with the best tip for me will receice the first ex of my single "When You Sleep" on CD. Including the first ever autograph! Priceless, I got to say, haha!
In regards to the performance, send your tips by the commentlink below no later than thursday 26 june.
Make sure to leave your mail adress in the comment if you are interested in this unique CD ;)
I administrate all comments before publishing so your mail will not be displayed on the blog!

Enjoy yourself while figuring out what could be really helpful when performing!


Awsome vocal coach!

Today I had the first meeting with my new vocal coach. And, as I suspected, we laughed a lot! She was almost as crazy as I am! She also turned out to be really great. That's for sure a plus ;)

She made me realize I have a few muscles (that I dind't know about...) that comes in very handy when you try to sing. Especially when hitting high - and low - notes. Since one of my problems is the low notes, this information turned out very usefull. Inspired like h*ll I went back home, did some of the things I learned and...pressed "record" in Cubase.
I can tell you the difference was big. Bigger then I expected. The excitment went even further up and now I just can't seem to stop singing! Hah, can you believe how much of a difference a great vocal coach can do?

Many singers out there says they are "self-taught". For me that would not have been a great option, there are so much more that I can learn from someone that knows a lot about how the chords work, the major impact you're body has on your singing etc.

And, you know what?
I finally know the secret about why some singers are wailing way too much...



What's going on in the rock culture?

Is the rock culture up for changes?

I just read a few articles in "Classic Rock" magazine, they all were about the crisis that's facing rock.
One of the articles were about females in rock. Where are they?
In the pop-genre, the most successfull is female. Then take a look at the rockscene. How many of the famous rockbands even got a female memeber? All this made me think about why.
I believe there could be a lot less females that are into rock then guys. But at the same time, there is girls that are killer drummers, guitarists, vocalists etc. Why don't we get to see more of them?

Let me quote something from the magazine;
"Just five females have headlined Glasto. Of 150 acts at Download 2013 only 10 included a woman!"

Is this a result of the male-dominated genre? Not many women would like to get paid in beer, the article states. (But I like beer, so that would be fine with me;))

Furhter on it says:
"Sometimes it's a case that you don't fit in because you don't banter the way men do, drink the way they do, or they're still threatened by women around them".

So, what do you think? Reflections? Use the comment-link below and tell me!


Sunday evening

This sunday evening in Sweden is awsome! The sun is shining, it's warm and...yeah, just perfect!
I will head outside in a while writing some lyrics while whatching the sun go down. This particular lyric's been on my mind since yesterday. Got to get it out of my system.

Only two weeks remains until I am supposed to perform "When You Sleep" live. Actually I was thinking about starting a poll here. How many of you think I will actually make it? Haha, well, good for me I have a great deal of self-irony.
I'll make sure to update you when it's all over ;)

This tuesday I'll see my new vocal coach for the first time. I heard she is really good! Now I can only hope I'm not too much for her to handle. I call myself crazy for a reason. Like to joke around, talk to everybody I meet (like in the store or bus-que) and I always, always have to say something stupid ;). Just for the fun of it!
Well, guess it's all up to me. If I want to spend my money on joking with her instead of learning I might be a bit off. Seriously. Hmm, I'll find a way to handle myself ;)

Good evening to all of you!


Update on "Beautiful Land"

Ok, a short update on that song. It turned out to be another duet that me and my rocker-Tommy do together. A nice one that I think will be ready soon. Just need to fix with the "orchestral-thing"and abuse the guitarist in "The Van Desh" to put some nice guitars to it.
I REALLY want this one done very soon ;)


Greatest music community ever

Hi all!
I want to tell you about my different music collaborators. Up till now I worked in a few different constellations, all of them were found (directly and inderectly) through a really great music community.

If you are a musician of any kind and want to be part of a network where highly skilled and rookies all come together to help each other out, discuss any music related toipc, learn how to write songs or lyrics, find someone to collaborate with, then I suggest you take a look at http://www.songstuff.com/ I highly recommend you to subscribe for a membership in this great community!

As part of the sites moderator-team, I realize this post may be seen as PR. However this is not my intention. I simply want other musicians around the world to be able to take part of the endless possibilities that's waiting for you out there! An insider tip; I happen to know that there are some really cool stuff going on at the site. You'll probably hear about them soon ;)

So come on!! Let's meet in the forums!


They liked it!

I got a message today regarding the vocals I did for that Australian band and their beautiful ballad. They liked what I did!! Superhappy about that :)
They are going to do some alterations to the music, mix it and then send it over. I can't wait to hear the result!
Guess this will take some time, but as I said before, as soon as I get the file I'll share it with you!

And by the way, I hooked up with another vocal-coach today. Hopefully we will meet for a first session as soon as next week! I am so looking forward to that!


New day - new opportunities

Ok, I managed to get over last nights rehersal, hehe.
This day is new (like all of them ;)) and with it comes a great deal of new opportunities. Just wondering which of them I will spend time on today?
Might be a good idea to finish up the new song "Beautiful Land". Think I will give it a go!



Terrifying and awful

My first ever reharsal

...went....not so good!
It was terrifying and awful. I never sung to anyone before. Not even my closest family. Now I had to sing in front of 4 guys, in a microphone that didn't behave anything like the one I use for recording and almost completely without hearing myself. That experience was indeed terrifying for me! Shaking like a leaf. Literally.
But I always say to myself (and others...) to face your fears. This one is qualifying into my list. First place, as the matter of fact.
I wanted to die but at the same time I felt an urgent need to show off! Strange...:s

I am going to perform "When You Sleep" with a rockband called "The van Desh", check them out:
The singer is one of my coaches and also the one I share my life with. Not easy beeing a rookie- singer with that bastard in the house! 
I feel sorry for the guys, maybe I will destroy their reputation... They are brave letting me do this!

Good thing there still are a few weeks left for the gig. I need to reherse more!


And....of they go!

Feel like a child on christmas! 

Just sent the files for the lovely duet I was telling you about yesterday.
All I can do now is bite my nails off and wait!

If they like it - you guys will be the first I share it with ;)

What a comment!

Me and my youngest doughter were in the car. While driving we chatted about nothing and everything. I suddenly realized that there aren't many days left until my first ever live performance. My God, it hurts to think about it :S
So I said to her:
-You know, I'm gonna s**t in my pants that day!
Without a glance, she responded me with a tone that were overwhelmingly indifferent:
- Then do it.

End of discussion.
My mind got totally blank.

The fun thing is that she actually is right. Kids tend to see things in an uncomplicated way. Who really cares what's in my pants after this? I mean - we are more than 7 billion people on this planet. (At least that's what I try to convince myself right now ;))



Ahhh! New songs, new songs :)

2 new song is nearly done!

Ok, here's the deal with song nr 1. I just tried out a duet with an Australian band. The song is SO freakin' lovely! It sticks to your brain like glue. My 11-year old humms it nearly 24/7 ;) 
I'm just about done with my part of the vocals and I really hope that the guys will love it! Gonna be a blast to hand the file over to them! This was one of those songs that were really easy to sing. No pitching-problems ;) Just fun and easy. I think our voices fit great together and I am proud over what I acheived. Lets hope they don't hate it :/...

Song nr 2. For this, I wrote the lyrics the other day. It was that kind of lyrics that just pops-up from nowhere, took me 15 min and the lyrics were done! Actually we didn't change anything. 
The last couple of days we made some cool music to go along with it. In this one I struggle a bit with the vocals, once again wishing I had that powerful male voice...Which I don't. Anyway, I need to record the last verse to it and make a skilled guitarist record too, then this song is ready aswell!

Funny, half a year has passed since I started this crazy and unexpected journey. The goal was to record a rockdemo during the year. Will I end up "just" putting vocals on others songs or will I reach my goal? So far, just 1 song is finished "When You Sleep" and the one I talked about above which is nearly done. By the way that song is called "Beautiful Land" and does not stick to my major favourite of dark-side-lyrics. 
When I wrote it I were just greatful for the opportunity we all have to be alive. You know, thats a great thing.



Only mixing remains

Mix - then Soundcloud!

My latest song from a collaboration is going through some mixing at the moment :)
It's a blues-rock that I think is really cool!
As soon as it's ready - I'll give you a hint.



Don't let me get used to this

Don't ever let me get used to the feeling.

Of creating a song. It really amazes me. Once again I am in the middle of creating a song from one of my lyrics. First it's just a bunch of words on a paper, then the melodie takes form when a guitar is picked up and the vocals take form. And so on.
Every time we do this I think I'm in heaven. The song we're working on at the moment is called "Beautiful Land" and it's a ballad. 
Just want to know, who needs to sleep when there's a beautiful land of music to explore?
So, not goodnight to you all!


It's strange

Strange how some songs are so easy to sing and some are nearly impossible

Until now I have been collaborating on 4 songs and my task has been to record the vocals. I think it's strange how easy some songs are to sing and some are nearly impossible. Realizing I'm a rookie and hopefully I will learn this over time. But anyway.

I almost gave up on one of the songs. No matter how much I tried my pith was waaaaay out of line and I couldn't get it right! Why is that?? Maybe there are some scientific answer to this question? Then please enlighten me!

To get over this kind of frustrating matters in the future, I will get me another vocal- coach. Hopefully this person can explain a few things to me that I don't seem to get.
Said it before; never thought this journey would be easy but some things are just unbelievable...