Wishes for a better year

With just a few hours left until a new year begins, I like to wish you all a great 2015. I look forward to it quite much, 2014 been hard on me. Let's look ahead for a better tomorrow!

Cheers guys!!



came in my way. I've been so freakin busy with life lately that I have been forced to put music aside for a long time now. A few weeks ago, I actually did'nt think I'll find my way back. But I did.
I had promised to make a bridge to a song and when I did it I realized. This is what I love to do!!
I'll be back!


Power equals treasure

I think I found the treasure I’ve been looking for…
You know I always nag about finding my voice, and especially the power in it. Well, I have finally found it!
The other day I recorded some lines on “Betrayal” and thought “this can’t be the best I can do. Soft voice in a rocksong, no."  So, on with recording mode and on with the power in my voice.  Singing this way felt like screaming and sounded like crap inside my head. BUT- and here is the cool part – when I listened to the result…I sounded quite much like the way I always wanted to. Surprise!

What I have to learn now is to control this new and powerful voice just like I can control the soft voice. I don’t doubt that it will take very long time to master it but I am happy to have found my way.
Someday, when “Betrayal” is done, you’ll hear it!

//MMR (with a stupid smile on her face…)


Rock vocalist

Trying to be a female rock vocalist is quite hard. At least for me. Man, trying to find that power is a real struggle. Soft songs is no problems but then I try to sing my rocksongs...uhmmm. Got a great deal of technicalities to work on there.
It sucks, but what the heck, if I want to do this it's just to step up with that vocal training.

These "small" problems of mine means that my next song "Betrayal" will not be done tomorrow. That song requires power to be as great at it could be so I'll let it take time.

Now to the fun stuff!
Me and my collab just finished off another song together, called "I'm not made of stone" :)
I'll let you know when and where to find it!




...is golden. Or is it?
You haven't heard from me in a while.  Life came in my way. What am I up to?
Trying to finish up a recording for my friend in Austria. The trouble is my soundcard that seems to want to take it's last breath. Damn...
Let's see if it can be fixed somehow!
Also keep working on my own song,  takes a while to get it all the way we want it:)

Above all, I still try to find the voice I think I can have somewhere in there...
Wishing u all a great day!


Vincent van Gogh

Finally the song I made with two collabs of mine is on the Vincent van Gogh gallery! Quite cool and fun (especially when "Mazing Mary Rocks" are responsible for the vocals, haha. Maybe it would have been a bit more appropriate to use my real name on that site :)
The song is really nice but we can for sure discuss if it "rocks" ;)
You can find it here:


Time to record!

Yes! Finally we got to the stage where I'm up for recording vocals for my home made song "Betrayal"!
This song does really mean the world to me and it is freakin awsome! I can only do my best with the vocals but this song is from my heart and I feel that I need to sing it. If it sounds crappy with me on it, it will end up in the drawer. That would be a big shame so tomorrows recording feels a bit scary...


Hear the result!

"Seven People", a really cool and different song by my collab, can be found here:

I loved record vocals for this one! Think it's amazing and it really grows for everytime you hear it!


A final touch

Just a small tecnicality left and then I'm ready to let the creator hear my vocals :)
The song is really different and cool and belongs to my Austrian collaborators.
Planning to hand it over this evening and, as usual, if they like what I did I'll let you know where to find it!


Anyone in need of lyrics??

You know what?
I have lyrics all over the place. I'm trying to find someone that can use them, hopefully a publisher. Simply, my time is not enough to make something out of them all.
The critique I got on all the lyrics I've been sharing on inernet is really positive!
The rocker I've got at home loves them. And he is quite picky...
If anyone is interested, or knows someone that is; don't hesitate to contact me!


I get the process

The synth upstairs is hidden under a serious amount of paper. All contains lyrics. But there is one that draws my attention. Again, "Betrayal" is the one. I really understand the "making music is a process" by now. We made alterations to the lyrics. The chorus became bridge and the bridge became chorus.
But right now I spend a lot of time writing lyrics. Found old ones I hardly knew I had so now I finished a lot of them!



A few weeks ago I wrote lyrics that I have had inside for 19 years. It's about the day my dad died. The other day we started to put music to it and when the first draft was ready my tears poured down my cheeks. It got so emotional, I could almost feel my dad in the room.
This song means so much to me and I want it to be far better than possible.
Even thouh it represents a really hard time in my life I look forward to present it to you.
Meanwhile, here's the lyrics:

Verse 1
For an unknown reason
You chosed to leave
Remeber the cops outside my door
Telling me you did'nt live no more

You laughed, still you knew
Sent me off with you're invitation to death
The one I missed for whole my life
Who finally showed me love
Ended himself
Betrayal, betrayal, betrayal

Verse 2 
No matter the season
I feel the scent
Of a flower I knew you loved
Wish it's you cheking in on me


I miss you like never before
For hte last time I've slammed your door
You're forever out of my life
My heart is stabbed by a knife



Under production

What can I say? By this time I really thought, in my ignorance, that I had several songs done. But, no. I know a lot of you are wondering when - if ever - I will share a new song with you.
All I can tell is: I will. I have a few under production right now. Like every muscician I talk to says:
"Making music is a process".
Ok, I get it.
I just struggle to accept it.

By the way, I received a video of my first ever performance last saturday. When will I get enough courage to look at that? I will for sure feel stupid and even more crazy than I actually am.
Maybe I can just pretend it doesn't exist?



Getting better..;)

Hi all!
Check out my latest result on Reverbnation here:

To all of you, and my fans...;), THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I'm thrilled my first song and recording got this far, amazes me!

I'll make sure to celebrate this:)


I did NOT expect this!

Got to share this with you.
I am now to be found on Reverbnation. I only have one song yet, as you all are painfully aware of...and that one is uploaded on Reverbnations page.
I am currently on place 10 (!!!!) in the local rank. About 70 artists are rockers in the same location. AWSOME!! This gets me so freaki'n inspired! On place nr 5 I found H.E.A.T, one of the bands that inspires me a lot.



So this is how it went

Performance I did last saturday

Because of time constraints, I could only reherse 2 times with the band before performing. Keep in mind these 2 times were my only ones with a band ever.
Guess that could be enough if you were an experienced singer, which I'm not.

So off we went, thinking we could try my song out in the soundcheck. We did and it went, hrmm, ok.
We decided to just see what happened during the band gig and that maybe my song could be performed a bit later.
All of a sudden, the question hit me.
-Ready for your song?

Hell, yeah! Let's just do it!
I entered the stage without any feelings of nervousness what so ever. Even though I tried really hard to face those feelings, they were not present. Strange!

We started out wrong, which brought with it that I entered the song incorrect. Ah, never mind, no one heard this song before. Hopefully they think it's supposed to sound like this ;)

My first lines were pretty good, I believe. Then I got out of tune. But...I didn't care. I just went on like nothing happened and enjoyed my performance. For real, this was the coolest thing I ever done and I had SO much fun!! Now I can't wait to do it again, a little better next time.



I did it!!

Haha, no one thought this would happen but I just performed with my song "when you sleep"! Superfun!! Can't wait to do it again!!


Todays news

This is it:
1: Session 2 at the vocal coach yesterday. She made me find my strenght, even in the low register! She's the best! We also took a look at the whole of my song "When you sleep". Live on saturday ! Hopefully...
2: New collaboration! I found a band that have a rocksong but no one to record the lyrics. Awsome!! This is going to be FUN!
3: Continued collaboration! You know the guys from Austria? Who had that beatuiful balland that I were lucky enough to do a duet on? They're back! This time I will be the lead singer in a quite mysterious song. I really think it will be a blast!

Yepp, that's it for now!


I'm just a girl. With a lot of nerves.

Rehersal 2 done, with nerves attached.

Yepp, this rehersal I did better. Oddly enough not as good as when I rehersed at home earlier today...
My nerves just tend to go on a journey and take place outside my body. Isn't that annoying?

I now have six days to get my nerves into shape and find a way to make them stay under control. Saturday is THE day. I will not give up. I will not back out of this. I will not let the band down. I will make it.



Tips for stage fright

As you know I am quite nervous for the live performance next saturday. My brand new, splendid vocal coach gave me some tips. Now I want to hear from you!

Even if you haven't been in the exact situation of a live-gig, all of us made some kind of performance in life. Maybe you were forced to give a lecture in your work or hold a speech of some kind.

Help me ut here and extend the list below. I'll write some of the tips I already have.

1) Pretend the crowd is naked (hrm...)
2) Pretend you are a star and that the audience can't do it better themselfs.
3) Pretend you are surrounded by warriors protecting you from negative energy (ok...?)
4) Connect with one person in the audience and sing to him/her.

So I managed to get 4 in my list but I bet you have some great tips aswell!
To make this a little more exciting, the one who comes up with the best tip for me will receice the first ex of my single "When You Sleep" on CD. Including the first ever autograph! Priceless, I got to say, haha!
In regards to the performance, send your tips by the commentlink below no later than thursday 26 june.
Make sure to leave your mail adress in the comment if you are interested in this unique CD ;)
I administrate all comments before publishing so your mail will not be displayed on the blog!

Enjoy yourself while figuring out what could be really helpful when performing!


Awsome vocal coach!

Today I had the first meeting with my new vocal coach. And, as I suspected, we laughed a lot! She was almost as crazy as I am! She also turned out to be really great. That's for sure a plus ;)

She made me realize I have a few muscles (that I dind't know about...) that comes in very handy when you try to sing. Especially when hitting high - and low - notes. Since one of my problems is the low notes, this information turned out very usefull. Inspired like h*ll I went back home, did some of the things I learned and...pressed "record" in Cubase.
I can tell you the difference was big. Bigger then I expected. The excitment went even further up and now I just can't seem to stop singing! Hah, can you believe how much of a difference a great vocal coach can do?

Many singers out there says they are "self-taught". For me that would not have been a great option, there are so much more that I can learn from someone that knows a lot about how the chords work, the major impact you're body has on your singing etc.

And, you know what?
I finally know the secret about why some singers are wailing way too much...



What's going on in the rock culture?

Is the rock culture up for changes?

I just read a few articles in "Classic Rock" magazine, they all were about the crisis that's facing rock.
One of the articles were about females in rock. Where are they?
In the pop-genre, the most successfull is female. Then take a look at the rockscene. How many of the famous rockbands even got a female memeber? All this made me think about why.
I believe there could be a lot less females that are into rock then guys. But at the same time, there is girls that are killer drummers, guitarists, vocalists etc. Why don't we get to see more of them?

Let me quote something from the magazine;
"Just five females have headlined Glasto. Of 150 acts at Download 2013 only 10 included a woman!"

Is this a result of the male-dominated genre? Not many women would like to get paid in beer, the article states. (But I like beer, so that would be fine with me;))

Furhter on it says:
"Sometimes it's a case that you don't fit in because you don't banter the way men do, drink the way they do, or they're still threatened by women around them".

So, what do you think? Reflections? Use the comment-link below and tell me!


Sunday evening

This sunday evening in Sweden is awsome! The sun is shining, it's warm and...yeah, just perfect!
I will head outside in a while writing some lyrics while whatching the sun go down. This particular lyric's been on my mind since yesterday. Got to get it out of my system.

Only two weeks remains until I am supposed to perform "When You Sleep" live. Actually I was thinking about starting a poll here. How many of you think I will actually make it? Haha, well, good for me I have a great deal of self-irony.
I'll make sure to update you when it's all over ;)

This tuesday I'll see my new vocal coach for the first time. I heard she is really good! Now I can only hope I'm not too much for her to handle. I call myself crazy for a reason. Like to joke around, talk to everybody I meet (like in the store or bus-que) and I always, always have to say something stupid ;). Just for the fun of it!
Well, guess it's all up to me. If I want to spend my money on joking with her instead of learning I might be a bit off. Seriously. Hmm, I'll find a way to handle myself ;)

Good evening to all of you!


Update on "Beautiful Land"

Ok, a short update on that song. It turned out to be another duet that me and my rocker-Tommy do together. A nice one that I think will be ready soon. Just need to fix with the "orchestral-thing"and abuse the guitarist in "The Van Desh" to put some nice guitars to it.
I REALLY want this one done very soon ;)


Greatest music community ever

Hi all!
I want to tell you about my different music collaborators. Up till now I worked in a few different constellations, all of them were found (directly and inderectly) through a really great music community.

If you are a musician of any kind and want to be part of a network where highly skilled and rookies all come together to help each other out, discuss any music related toipc, learn how to write songs or lyrics, find someone to collaborate with, then I suggest you take a look at http://www.songstuff.com/ I highly recommend you to subscribe for a membership in this great community!

As part of the sites moderator-team, I realize this post may be seen as PR. However this is not my intention. I simply want other musicians around the world to be able to take part of the endless possibilities that's waiting for you out there! An insider tip; I happen to know that there are some really cool stuff going on at the site. You'll probably hear about them soon ;)

So come on!! Let's meet in the forums!


They liked it!

I got a message today regarding the vocals I did for that Australian band and their beautiful ballad. They liked what I did!! Superhappy about that :)
They are going to do some alterations to the music, mix it and then send it over. I can't wait to hear the result!
Guess this will take some time, but as I said before, as soon as I get the file I'll share it with you!

And by the way, I hooked up with another vocal-coach today. Hopefully we will meet for a first session as soon as next week! I am so looking forward to that!


New day - new opportunities

Ok, I managed to get over last nights rehersal, hehe.
This day is new (like all of them ;)) and with it comes a great deal of new opportunities. Just wondering which of them I will spend time on today?
Might be a good idea to finish up the new song "Beautiful Land". Think I will give it a go!



Terrifying and awful

My first ever reharsal

...went....not so good!
It was terrifying and awful. I never sung to anyone before. Not even my closest family. Now I had to sing in front of 4 guys, in a microphone that didn't behave anything like the one I use for recording and almost completely without hearing myself. That experience was indeed terrifying for me! Shaking like a leaf. Literally.
But I always say to myself (and others...) to face your fears. This one is qualifying into my list. First place, as the matter of fact.
I wanted to die but at the same time I felt an urgent need to show off! Strange...:s

I am going to perform "When You Sleep" with a rockband called "The van Desh", check them out:
The singer is one of my coaches and also the one I share my life with. Not easy beeing a rookie- singer with that bastard in the house! 
I feel sorry for the guys, maybe I will destroy their reputation... They are brave letting me do this!

Good thing there still are a few weeks left for the gig. I need to reherse more!


And....of they go!

Feel like a child on christmas! 

Just sent the files for the lovely duet I was telling you about yesterday.
All I can do now is bite my nails off and wait!

If they like it - you guys will be the first I share it with ;)

What a comment!

Me and my youngest doughter were in the car. While driving we chatted about nothing and everything. I suddenly realized that there aren't many days left until my first ever live performance. My God, it hurts to think about it :S
So I said to her:
-You know, I'm gonna s**t in my pants that day!
Without a glance, she responded me with a tone that were overwhelmingly indifferent:
- Then do it.

End of discussion.
My mind got totally blank.

The fun thing is that she actually is right. Kids tend to see things in an uncomplicated way. Who really cares what's in my pants after this? I mean - we are more than 7 billion people on this planet. (At least that's what I try to convince myself right now ;))



Ahhh! New songs, new songs :)

2 new song is nearly done!

Ok, here's the deal with song nr 1. I just tried out a duet with an Australian band. The song is SO freakin' lovely! It sticks to your brain like glue. My 11-year old humms it nearly 24/7 ;) 
I'm just about done with my part of the vocals and I really hope that the guys will love it! Gonna be a blast to hand the file over to them! This was one of those songs that were really easy to sing. No pitching-problems ;) Just fun and easy. I think our voices fit great together and I am proud over what I acheived. Lets hope they don't hate it :/...

Song nr 2. For this, I wrote the lyrics the other day. It was that kind of lyrics that just pops-up from nowhere, took me 15 min and the lyrics were done! Actually we didn't change anything. 
The last couple of days we made some cool music to go along with it. In this one I struggle a bit with the vocals, once again wishing I had that powerful male voice...Which I don't. Anyway, I need to record the last verse to it and make a skilled guitarist record too, then this song is ready aswell!

Funny, half a year has passed since I started this crazy and unexpected journey. The goal was to record a rockdemo during the year. Will I end up "just" putting vocals on others songs or will I reach my goal? So far, just 1 song is finished "When You Sleep" and the one I talked about above which is nearly done. By the way that song is called "Beautiful Land" and does not stick to my major favourite of dark-side-lyrics. 
When I wrote it I were just greatful for the opportunity we all have to be alive. You know, thats a great thing.



Only mixing remains

Mix - then Soundcloud!

My latest song from a collaboration is going through some mixing at the moment :)
It's a blues-rock that I think is really cool!
As soon as it's ready - I'll give you a hint.



Don't let me get used to this

Don't ever let me get used to the feeling.

Of creating a song. It really amazes me. Once again I am in the middle of creating a song from one of my lyrics. First it's just a bunch of words on a paper, then the melodie takes form when a guitar is picked up and the vocals take form. And so on.
Every time we do this I think I'm in heaven. The song we're working on at the moment is called "Beautiful Land" and it's a ballad. 
Just want to know, who needs to sleep when there's a beautiful land of music to explore?
So, not goodnight to you all!


It's strange

Strange how some songs are so easy to sing and some are nearly impossible

Until now I have been collaborating on 4 songs and my task has been to record the vocals. I think it's strange how easy some songs are to sing and some are nearly impossible. Realizing I'm a rookie and hopefully I will learn this over time. But anyway.

I almost gave up on one of the songs. No matter how much I tried my pith was waaaaay out of line and I couldn't get it right! Why is that?? Maybe there are some scientific answer to this question? Then please enlighten me!

To get over this kind of frustrating matters in the future, I will get me another vocal- coach. Hopefully this person can explain a few things to me that I don't seem to get.
Said it before; never thought this journey would be easy but some things are just unbelievable...



Five tips to destroy a hit

Five tips to destroy the hit you could have made

In my opinion

1) Make sure your lyrics follow all technicalities and academic rules you can find. Pay good attention to the rhyming and the meter, oh, that just has to be right! You should also include a bridge and preferably even an outro besides the obligatory verses and chorus.

2) Your first draft of the vocals should only be seen for what they really are – a rough idea. There’s no need to pay attention to the feeling you put in there. That won’t matter in the end anyway.

3) When recording vocals, you may also want to add some backing vocalists to it (that are better than you). That way you’ll make sure no one hears any mistakes you might have done.

4) Your music also deserves to take a deeper look into. Don’t even think about doing anything that stands out too much. Stick to what usually works. Boring? Yeah, but effective!

5) Your music and vocals should now be ready to join up to form the complete song. Then it’s time for mixing and mastering. Good luck on that one. But there is a tip I want to share with you to make it easy and quick. Just increase almost everything as much as possible and when you done that – for God’s sake, don’t forget to kick ass with the pitch-corrector! You don’t want to reveal your voice is human, do you?

By following these 5 simple steps you are now ready to sit back, enjoy your work and watch your song climb thru the boards. One side-effect, though. Unfortunately your own creativity might suffer for a long time after this. I know mine would, my songs come from the heart and I want them to show that. I’m not a perfect singer or perfect lyricist but that’s just me doing what I love. 


In a lyricists mind

What's going on in a lyricists mind

Some unpredictible things happened the last couple of weeks but now I hope I can spend time on my music, life and blog again (notice the order I unwittingly wrote them in...) The only musicrelated I've been doing lately is writing a couple of lyrics. It's quite strange how that process can take form. I mean, these new lyrics just hit the paper, almost by them selfs. When I read them again a little later I wonder where in the world they came from. Our minds are surley full of stuff that we hardly is aware of. Or is it just me and my crazy brain? Maybe some of you musicians and lyrisicts out there recognize this feeling? I surly hope so because we all know what it means if you don't ;)
And to all of you; take care of your precious lives!


New mix of "Vincent"

Just had to go pro on Soundcloud to replace "Vincent and me". There's a new mix available, hope you like it! https://soundcloud.com/mazingmaryrocks/vincent-and-me-final


48 h day begins tomorrow!

The last week has been really crazy and loaded with other stuffs than music. Now I find myself a bit behind schedule, have vocals to record (promised them for tomorrow...ooops!)and a great deal of other promised things to get done. Time to step up and get that freakin 24 hours to realize that it ain't enough. I will force them to clone themselfs and if I found blackmailing every single hour the only way out I'll do it! If you wake up tomorrow and find out there is 48 hours in a day you'll know who to thank. Or not, depending on how you see it. //MMR


Creating the impossible life

Hi! Just realized I'm creating a life I can't live for a longer period. Most of you know I'm unemployed and as I said before, I've got TONS of stuff to do anyway! Why? Music took over my life...and not only music but also all the other stuffs that could come with it, if you just throw yourself out there. Like finding an awsome international community for musicians (Hello, Songstuff!) and the national option for musician matchmaking (Hi, DivaMusic! Congrats to the release!). I keep asking myself how on earth I can go back to a full-time employment after this...I don't feel like working on (and with!) anything else than this. Ever. Period. //MMR


Good and unexpected news!

Hi! Must tell you the girl I collaborated with on the song "Vincent and me" could easily sell leafs to a tree! She is truly amazing. She managed to get the song uploaded to the official Vincent van Gogh site. After next update it will be found here: http://www.vangoghgallery.com/ Awsome!! //MMR


I'm back again!

Even if it's just for a moment. There are so many things going on right now that my blog just had to wait for a couple of days. Almost everything I have to do is related to music somehow. It varies between marketing (not my own stuffs, but anyway;), writing new songs, record vocals for 3 songs at the moment, writing lyrics and so on. But you know what? You can't have too much to do as long as you enjoy it! That were todays words of wisdom from my point of view ;) Wish you all a nice evening! //MMR


I can't believe this

Things are happening around here :) Today I got a question to start up another collaboration, this is awsome! It's actually so awsome I can't belive it... Feel like the luckiest bastard alive! //MMR


Queen of Spades

Ok, next song's up for recording! A rock-blues that's awsome! :) This is a another result of the collaborators that also did "Vincent and me". This one is called "Queen of Spades" and the lyricist wrote it for a good friend of hers thats been cheated on by his wife. Not ok, girl! Find myself struggeling with the same problem as with "Power Within". It's so awsome I can't get a hold on myself, haha ;)I want to sing this song ALL the time! I really enjoy it! Maybe I will find the time to finish it any day? You just never know! Have a great one! //MMR


Hear the result of my latest collaboration!

Hi guys! You'll find the result of my latest collaboration right here: https://soundcloud.com/mazingmaryrocks/vincent-and-me-final

Sorting the lyrics and request to write more

When I realized in december that I was going to start this journey I gathered most of my lyrics and had them written down in my pc. Usually I write them on paper (you know, that ancient method that besides the paper also requires a pen ;)) and mostly they end up somewhere in the house. Makes them hard to find whenever I need them, lol. After I finished "When You Sleep" I had the wonderful opportunity to work on others songs providing vocals for them. I saw this as a great opportunity to me in the hard work on developing my voice. At the same time I have been working on 2 of my own songs and writing even more vocals. I feel that I just do a bunch of stuff but my initial plan for this year is not even near to be realized half this year has almost past for crying out loud! So I decided to bring some order to this self-inflicted chaos. The plan for tonight is to clean up in my lyrics-list, go back to the lyrics I intend to make minor changes to and then just wait for that day to come when they will be borught to live! We also decided yesterday to take on another approach to "Power Within", still a duet but I will do a harmony on the choruses and leave the rest to my better half ;) Above this I also had a request today to write some lyrics for another rockband. Feels very exciting! A small girl with a big plan... //MMR


Late in the evening but I'm still on it!

Now I'll head upstairs to Cubase! Got to finish the song "Vincent and me" wich is a song made by my latest collaborators. A nice one in the blues-genre! Who would have known... //MMR


A bunch of words

is what I'll provide to you this beautiful sunday evening ;) Today i've been working a lot with the vocals for my own song, Power Within. It takes eons of time to finish it, but Rome was not built on a day ;)I have a hard time finding how to sing it, in what note. I love this song SO much, it's a KILLER and I simply can't control myself (or my voice) singing it. Just want to SCREAM when I sing as a result of my excitment! Think I have to sing it five billion times before I can press "rec" just to cool down a bit, lol. I'm gonna try hard to get calm so you can hear it soon! //MMR


Impressive musicians

Wow! Who would have thought the world would be crowded with impressive musicians? When this crazy journey started I thought about how to get on. The only thing I had were my lyrics. My voice were untrained and I felt unsure. And all I could lean on was my goal. Record a few of my own songs. I love working on my own music and take part of the transition from words on a sheet to a finished song. That's amazing! Not all have the time needed to produce songs. My rock-collaborator truly fits in that category for the time beeing. You know I had the great luck to hook up with a few other collaborators. It's highly developing for me to have this opportunity. I get to sing songs I never could have imagined! This crazy journey seems to lead me everywhere:) I just hang in there and let it take me wherever! Exciting is a perfect word for it. //MMR


Back to work!

And this time I mean Cubase and recording;) Today I started to record a song in the blues-genre. I had a great time! Love to sing that song for some reason. You might get to listen to it in a few days! Take care and have a nice weekend! //MMR


New collaboration!

Hi! Things can happen quite quick! I just finished up with a collaborator and now it's already time for next! This time I will record vocals for two songs. One is a blues and the other a blues-rock! This is going to be SO much fun, I just love this! Besides those two I keep on working on my own music and one of the duets is soon ready for vocals as well. Seems like I know what to do the upcoming week ;) //MMR



Hi! Remember I promised to upload the ballad I did for a collaboration? It's called All of the Trees and you'll find it right here: https://soundcloud.com/mazingmaryrocks/all-of-the-trees


By the way

If you're a muscician, sign up for Songstuff.com. We have so much fun over there! //MMR

Muhaha. ..

Haha, you never have more fun than you see too! Today I had a closeup with a matchmakingsite for muscicians. I will start as a member of their team and watch out for new talents and do some other stuff aswell. Fun! But how in hell should I ever get time to work as an employee again? I'm working on my voice and music, I train a spooking horse several days a week, I'm moderator at Songstuff.com and now this. Who would have though there were so much to do as unemployed? ;) //MMR


Time for an update

Hi all! Long time no seen, huh? I really can't explain what I been up to lately. Because that's top secret. Got ya!!:) I have been working on the duet that I will record vocals to any day. We managed to make a really cool melodic rockduet out of my lyrics. I adore that song! When I did "When you sleep" I was thinking about how I would react if someone else done the song and I heads it on radio or whatever. I can honestly say - not sure if I would like it very much.... But this song is different. I wish you could heare just a draft of it because it's SO me and this song represents why I started this journey! Take care and don't forget...just give me a comment if there's something special you want me to write about ;) //MMR


Last couple of days

it happened a lot! You know I finished the ballad-vocals. I will upload it to my Soundcloud account any day :) This evening I started to work on the vocals to one of my own songs. It turned out to be another duet and it's called power within. It's handed over to a guy that will record drums and guitar. Hopefully you will be able to hear this great song in a few weeks! Take care, guys! //MMR



I just finished up the vocals for the ballad :) Now I'm heading off for another rockparty to celebrate! Maybe I'll meet some of you there? You never know! Nice weekend and happy easter to those of you that celebrate it :) //MMR


Ok, I AM crazy about this journey!

The other day I had some major doubts about all this. Why not give up? I always knew why but... Today I think I nailed the lyrics I've been struggeling with for a loooong time. Yeeeah!! Let's see what my expert says before I send them over to my collaborator, hehe. If the "expert" don't like them, well ...screw him! I like them! And, because I totally want to get some more songs done I'm thinking about starting up another collaboration. Happen to know a composer and melody writer? Then please tell me!! //MMR


Hi guys!

What have u been up to this tuesday? I struggled with the lyrics for the beautiful ballad (again...) and I managed to write another lyric, haha. I am already able to take a bath in all of them ;) The ballad is getting there. Slow but steady! I guess I will be able to send the file to my collaborators at the end of this week. It's taking loads of time. First I catch that cold, then I struggled to find my voice in it. Not easy, but I am really not experienced either so what did I expect... //MMR


Hi all!

Sunday evening. How much can happen, really? To me the day has been really nice :) Among the things I've been up to today I attend to my first moderator meeting at SongStuff. A whole bunch of great people! They are all supernice and the fact that we all share the same interest is awsome. If you stil haven't found that site, I truly recommend it, you find the forums site here: forums.songstuff.com //MMR


Still not crazy about this idea :(

I wrote a topic a few days ago, about ups and downs. I'm still down from yesterdays session (but I actually were forced into another session yesterday evening with my coach). It helped out a bit, but still. Why does it have to be so hard?? It's about making music - not to cut in someones brain! But at the other hand - that does not interest me ;) I took a time-off from music today, went out to the horse and played with the extreamly violent and "horse-eating" plasticbag, haha. Quite nice to do something completely diffrent. Tomorrow I'll proceed on the lovesong, hopefully I will be able to close that one up soon! //MMR


Maybe I should leave this to the skilled

Ok, I start thinking maybe the best thing for me would be to just stop my journey right here and right now. There are som many skilled musicians and singers out there so why even bother? I had a bad day with my vocal trainer and now I feel like "f*** it"! Let's do something fun instead. This is not fun at all right now. Hopefully I get over it soon. Wish u all a better start at the weekend then the one I had. //MMR


Edguy - I surrender!

Haha, one of my favorite bands, Edguy, will release their new album 18th april. Go check out the video for "Love tyger" here: http://www.edguy.net/eng/index.php Edguy - I completely surrender..you're the best! They are just as crazy as I am ;) //MMR


I don't know

what to tell you. This day has just passed without something special to it. Besides.... Starting the recording the ballad-vocals. Yeah! Finally! Just love that song, my collaborators are amazing musicians. The lyrics, the music, everything fits togheter so perfectly. And! I am also going to start as a trainee moderator at the greatest forum ever! Songstuff- the place where music comes alive! The cool thing about waking up in the morning is that you never no what will happen :) Sleep thight and beware of tomorrow! //MMR


How hard can it be?

Hmm, working on one of my songs. Sadly, my guy helping me is a really great rocksinger. He sounds like Jorn Lande. Yes, I say it's sad because he lays the pre-vocals and I am supposed to do it for real. He is amazing. I am just afraid I'm going to destroy the songs with my squeaky little womens voice. Doubting yourself, anyone...?? I stated earlier today that I am on good way finding my voice's strenght, but will it be enough? Can I go where I want to? Ok, I realize the time I spent singing is about 27 years less than my skilled collaborator. But anyway. I like a "quick-fix", sorry that can't be applied on the voice.... //MMR

Back on track

Finally my voice is normal again, or at least I can use it ;) I had some vocal training yesterday and I got to practice on finding the power in my voice. I had some problems with that, if you listen to "When you sleep" on Soundcloud you can hear my voice is lacking power. The exercice I learnt yesterday is really great for finding that strenght. I am supposed to do this exercise every single day, my coach did not say for how long but I assume for the rest of my life...;) Now when I am finally back on track I am going to put all my energy and very much of my time on this journey! Starting out with the vocals I were supposed to have record for one of my collaborators and also keep up the work on my new songs. //MMR


Besides music...

I try till fill my days with crazy stuff. Today I'v been out riding and for the first time ever in westernstyle. Why? Because I am going to help a girl training her horse. A very beautiful one, sadly it sees ghosts all around, so she's kinda unpredictible and it is a huge challange for me trying the help with this behaviour. If I ever write a song called "Crazy deamon" or something (unfortunately "Spooks in the attic" is already taken. By Edguy. Bastards...;))then you know that the inspiration to that comes from this particular horse. No riding tomorrow, though. Then I will do recordings for the ballad and if time allows, maybe I start record vocals for the song I was nagging about yesterday. //MMR


New production on its way

A new production is on its way!It's actually a reconstruction of a song we made a few weeks ago. The intro is changed, the verses are updated and so on. Far from done but at least the basics are set:) //MMR



Haha, I were at the local jobcenter today. Didn't really enjoy the mandatory meeting...After the lecture the women holding the meeting said (and pointad at me!): - and here are todays winner in the sleeping-contest! For real?! Actually didn't sleep a second. Wish I had. There were nothing new to me anyway. They didn't have any jobs as lyricist or musician so why would I be interested? ;) I give you free interpretation on that one! //MMR


Death Row

This morning over a cup of coffe I just had to write another lyric. It turned out to this new song Called Death Row. Here's an excerpt of it: - - Verse 1- Unaware what was coming, it won’t end up right Thru the darkness you see stars shining bright A moment for yourself, with thoughts flying free You can’t change destiny, some things are meant to be - - Chorus - In the middle of a complex game Nothing will ever be the same No one knew, darkness closing in Soon it’s under your skin Without a thought, they took your glow Locked you up in a death row- - And it goes on with another verse, a bridge and choruses. When on earth will I have time to make this thing come alive?? //MMR


Up's and downs, joy and grief

...and everything in between, thats what it's all about! Right now I would say I'm in between. This journey went straight up when I actually made the single which was my first goal ;), then I got sick and my voice still sounds like a few years of heavy whiskey-drinking... Since I was born without patience I can't wait any longer to get on with my vocal training and recordings. Maybe I can give it a go tomorrow?? Well, lets see what tomorrow brings. And I also have those 2 other songs under production, hoping to find time to work on them this weekend. They will be awsome, I can promise you that! Have a nice evening! //MMR

Haha, got to show you this

Found these quite drunk guys in the local store the other day :)


Bloody, bloody hell

Hmm, when I think of it...this could have been a new song of mine. But it isn't. It is just a little showcase of how I feel for tomorrow. Have to go to the job centre for the first time ever and it makes me feel sick! But, you know what? I am a really good lyricist - up for hire!! Hehe, but I am actually serious. I have been there, done that, bla,bla. And now all I want is to fix some nice music for you all. Is that so wrong? Isn't there some spell, potion or whatever out there that could help? Greetings from the crazy girl //MMR


Hey! Hopefully I will be able to record the lyrics tomorrow! I am definitely feeling better from the cold now. So now I am rehersing the song, trying to learn the lyrics and get the right feeling to it. Excited :) //MMR


...know what?

I realized I am one hell of a lucky girl! When I look back on these months I got to say I am surprised. Here I am, a rookie living on the contryside in Sweden. Trying to write about my insane journey. You know what the most crazy thing is to me? That you actually read it! That means a lot to me! I discussed this with a friend the other day. I said I was surprised and happy so many reads my blog. I don't know how you found me. I started this under my artist name and no one, even close to me, knew about it. This means I had no network what so ever from the beginning. But somehow you found me out in cyberspace ;) Keep on reading and I will keep in writing! //MMR


Follow me on Twitter

Btw, you are now able to follow me on Twitter if you like. In the section "about me" you find the link. Havent used it much but I will if you're inrerested! //MMR

Back from delirium

Oh, yeah! Finally the bacteria, virus, deamon or whatever it was is giving up! Slowly coming back from delirium again. My voice is nearly what it should be and I really hope to be able to record lyrics for the lovesong I promised to give a shot at! That's a quite cool project, I think. Just started to sing a few months ago and during that time I only stayed at rock (besides the million diffferent scales I'v been forced to do...thanks vocalcoach!). So this is a challenge for me but as you know by now - challenge is my middlename ;)and I really look forward to do this. Besides staying in bed I managed to write a couple of lyrics. Not because I really need them, I got so many already and so little time to make songs from them :(, but I just felt like it. Never seen myself as a good lyricist, but it is SUPERFUN when I get feedback like "oh, you did it again, another great lyric by you". These kind of comments gives me even more inspiration to keep on. But again, you only like what you like. I bet there are billions of people that would hate my lyrics if they read them but that doesn't matter to me. I do what I like and if just one more person in the world likes it - then it all makes sense to me. Wishing you all a great saturday evening! //MMR



Still got a fever. Maybe I should take the opportunity to write some crazy lyrics while dizzy from high bodytemperature. Could be interesting... While working on getting well I miss my vocal training...It's getting boring. MMR


Argh! I cathed a cold :(

Timing is everything. At least if you are a bacteria or a virus...I were supposed to record vocals for this beautiful song I got the opportunity to work on. And, what happens? Some little bug invaded my body and now my throat is soar. Guess I have to wait a day or two hoping it will be over soon. Nothing to do but wait...Just don't think I will stay on the coach! You know I can't do that, fortunately I am still able to hold a pen and think which means I can keep on working on my lyrics. Hehe, the small bastards can't beat me on that ;) //MMR


Duet all day

Well hello again :) After spending all day working on the rock duet I am pleased to chill out on the couch. The song contains a lot of elements and is already about 4 min long...with half to go! I really want all parts in it because the song is a story. In this case, the story happens to be a bit longer than normal. I comfort myself thinking there is actually songs that's around 17 min or more. Just hope that you will have patience enough to listen to all of it when released. //MMR


Rock duet

Well, I'm not on the lazy side. Today I'm working on a rock duet that I think is going to be amazing! When I wrote the lyrics it was not meant to be a duet but when the song took form it kind of lead in that direction. Superexcited to finish it up!! //MMR


Now it's done!

So now I changed my picture! I also reveald to my mother, hehe, she was kinda shocked. She said: WHAT! You never ever sang, not even baa, baa, black sheep. My God, what could I say... Just a little picture of my life right now ;) //MMR


Haha, can't wait any longer. This is how "angry" I managed to look :) lol!

It's getting hotter

Ok, getting hotter in here. On my way home from a fun photoshoot. Haha, it didn't really get as planned. I was supposed to look a little "rocker-angry" but being a very happy person that was nearly impossible! I ended up joking around whith the photographer instead. Typical me :) He managed to take about 170 photos and most of them are nice. When I upload my selected picture here I will also reveal this ongoing journey those who knows me. Few knows... Take care! MMR



Hi! I feel quite emotional after finishing my first song. I try to live like I want, holding on to my dream with both hands. I can manage to do that as long as I'm unemployed. Of course I want, and need, a job but that will limit the time to spend on music. A sad fact. I keep on working on my songs as much as possible during this time. I also started a new, inspiring collaboration where I will try to put some very emotional vocals on a beautiful song.I'll do my best! MMR


Time to fix a cover

So now when my song is done I need to fix a cover. Not because it's neccessary when its all electronic today. Anyway I figure it would be nice with something more professional than a selfie ;) So on friday I'm off for a photosession. Problem is I hate taking photos...but I feel I have to sacrifice for my song. Think its worth it. And by the same time I am going to reveal this project to family and friends. You know, I kept this project to myself so far. No more hat or hair covering up! //MMR

Off topic - Malaysia Airlines

It is so terrible with the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370. How can a thing like this happen today? How come it is even possible to turn off all the systems for a planes position? I feel for the passangers relaitves. I can't even imagine how stressfull it must be to lack any sorts of information on what happened. Unemployed and should be searching for jobs - I spend time looking at sattelite images on tomnod.com instead. I don't know how much it's worth but can I do anything, even the smallest contribution in this search, I will. //MMR



Hi! I can't tell you how happy I am! Many of you really like the song. That means SO much to me and gives me tons of inspiration to keep on working on more songs. I am lucky having you all around giving me support and meaning to carry on! <3 //MMR


Final version - When You Sleep

Ok, guys. Here it is, the final version! I would love to dedicate this song to the guy that made this happen; the producer Nemo! Find out more about him here: http://www.nemoproductions.org


So here it is, "When you sleep"

Finally, finally! It has arrived! This is probably the final version: https://soundcloud.com/mazingmaryrocks/when-you-sleep


It's done!

A few months ago I never could have thought this was ever going to happen. But now it's done! My producer turned out to be one hell of a guy! He made this song sound exactly like I wanted it to:) and collaborate with him were SO easy! I wish I'll have the opportuniy to work with him again in a near future. Anyone keen to listen? Whatch out, any day "When you sleep" will turn up here... //MMR


What am I going to do next?

Got a question from a reader; what am I going to do next, after the song is produced? When the song is ready I will upload it on a few sites and hoping to get some opinions on it. I'll tell you more about my next project a little later but I can tell you that it will focus around marketing the song. I will also continue to work with my other songs, hopefully creating an album! The sad thing is that it takes time and maybe I need to find other collaborators that have some. Scince I got a few suggestions on different collaborations I hope it will not be a big challenge. We'll see about that. If I get bored I can still write lyrics and hand them over to other bands;) //MMR


Waiting, waiting....

Why is waiting so booooring? Try to get my mind on other thoughts, helps for a minuit or so :/ Probably it's normal for a first-timer like me. Excited is my first name...really look forward to hear the result! //MMR


Now I know

Timeschedule done and now I know for how long I have to wait for a draft of my song. My producer is busy but quick, I will probably have a file back on friday:) Waiting and planning another crazy project meanwhile. Maybe I'll share it with you soon...you never know what I'm up to;) //MMR

The songfiles hit the producer!

After some work the songfiles finally hit the producer yesterday! Nice :) There were seven tracks sent over, including choirs and some other stuff. So now it's time for some nervwrecking waiting... //MMR


Aaargh! Getting insane here, lucky to have my music holding me up

There seems to be no job in sight for me yet, it's getting quite irritating being at home. Searching for jobs isn't what I dream of :( While I'm getting grumpy over that at least I have my music. What in the world should I have done without it?? It feels like that is one of few things that holds me up right now. But even the musicproducing have it's downsides. Sometimes I can't sound like I want to when recording the vocals and I put a lot of effort into developing my voice. And sometimes my collaborators just don't have time for my specific project. And I know, I try to take huge steps in minimal time. Then again, that's me and I can't have it any other way. I enjoy writing this blog and let you follow me in my ups and (mostly) downs (for the moment). When creativity goes down I feel like I am writing the same stuff over and over again. That's why I really would like to know what on this crazy journey you want me to write about. Feel free letting me know! //Grumpy MMR


Beautiful Sin and Maggie Luyten

Maggie Luyten is the female singer in Beautiful Sin and I really can advice you to listen to their album "The Unexpected". She has this really cool, deep voice with a power I could die for! Today I feel quite down because of my voice (see my recently published post)and if I could ever get near the sound of Maggie - I would die from happiness! //MMR

Let the power out

Hmm, I still struggle with my voice...Need to get a hold of what I should do to let the power out more than I can today. Guess I just have to keep seeing my vocal coach and hope we find a way. Anyway, I sometimes doubted there would even be one song produced. Guess I have too high expectations on my self, when you think of it; after three months, hwo would be a flawless singer? After sending the files to the producer, I will start up my second song as soon as possible! Even thoug I sometimes struggle, this journey has just begun... //MMR


This is one hell of a crazy jouney!

Got to tell you...this journey is so freaking crazy...can't believe it. The vocal file is completed with choirs and everything. AND; my producer worked hard today. He is done!! This means that the schedule once again have changed. To the better! So, there is a good chance the song "When you sleep" soon will be available on an intetnet near you...;) //MMR

Time flies and pressure's up

Hi! The final phase is approaching quickly so the statement "time flies and pressure's up" fits my state of mind right now. I talked to my producer yesterday and he is nearly done with his parts so now I will finish up my vocals during the weekend. I will send the file over asap, probably monday. After that I think it will move forward quickly. Maybe and hopefully my first song ever will be done within a couple of weeks :) //MMR


Internet is so not with me

I just hate when my wifi is "out of service". As it's been all day! Have to make an angry call tomorrow hoping that will solve the problem...Have to write this on my mobile connection which also lacks a few things..like speed :/ Didn't do much today but I promised myself to get the vocals recorded for handover to my producer this week. Seems like time go by quickley. //MMR


This journey might actually lead me to my goal

As I stated yesterday, my singing has developed a lot. When I am working with the song and recording the vocals, I feel that this crazy journey might lead me right. I am quite satisfied with the sound of the song! Later on this week I will continue with my second song and I really hope that one will be done in a couple of months or so. It all depends on how much time my collaborator can spare. Craaaazy days!!! /MMR


I´m getting it!

Ha! Another session done with my vocal coach. This time there were no yelling, he actually gave me cred for doing a good job. My intensive training seems to give results! I made a few recordings of my first song thats under production, I am totally amazed by the result so far. This is awsome!! //MMR

Another monday

Another monday to fill with something fun. Going to my tattoist in the afternoon to get my latest skull finished. Had an appointment a few weeks ago but we had to cancel that. Hopefully my arm will be sour, bloody and wrapped in plastic later on ;) Today I will also see my vocal coach, look forward to it! Pictures from saturdays event will show up here eventually, there were six bands playing and let me tell you; what a party!! All bands were really great. Makes me wonder how many bands is really out there and we must miss so many of them. It´s a shame. //MMR


All set for tonights rockparty

This will be great! All is set for tonights rockparty. The stage is built and all bands made their soundcheck. Waiting for take off!! Maybe I share some photos or videos later on:) //MMR


When shyness gets between you and your dreams

Those of you who been with me from the beginning in december 2013 knows about my shyness. I never had the guts to sing infront of people. The fact that I live with a rocksinger who is part of two great bands put a lot of preassure on me. I always loved to sing but I only did it when alone and nobody could hear me. Then something just hit me in december and thats when I decided to go for it. What were I afraid of? Should I let my shyness come between me and my dreams? I decided to not let it stay that way. I have nothing to be afraid of. If anyone complains on the sound of my voice I don't take it personal. My voice is my instrument and I have to learn how to manage it. Just like if I were learning to play the guitar or whatever. When my vocal coach asked me the other day "hey, don't you hear how bad it sounds!? It's awfull!!" I did not break apart. I took his critique with me, understood the point and tried to make it better. That's what this is all about for me. Just do what you want, take the critique and make something good from it. I wish you don't let your shyness or other fears affect you in life. It's just a life, don't take it too serious! //MMR

This is far from a fashion blog

but still... Been searching after clothes that fits my style, and guess what!? I found this Swedish girl that designs clothes that is awesome! I mean, look at this:
What can I say? I jumped right off and ordered pants from this really cool disigners brand, "KissinBombs". //MMR


New file from my producer

Jepp, it´s time for an update. I got a new file from my producer where drums, guitars and base were laid with real instruments and not the ones you use in the software. Sounds good and I really look forvard to get it all together. Our aim is to get it all set around early april. Too bad I have to learn so much about everything that comes around with music, at the other hand these things are so worth the effort! When it comes to job (unemployed for the moment) it seems like I have a new project that probably will start in june, this means I will have loads of time for my music! That feels quite good, ok I will not have too much money to spend but it can be worth it! I keep on working with my poor vocal coach and try to become a bad ass singer while I wait!!! //MMR



Ok, here is another band that I really LOVE, H.E.A.T!!!
Since I am a looser at computers (you know about me and my music-computer, the bastard...)I don´t know how to fix the video in here, but here´s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_f6D5qP9WAc Enjoy! //MMR

Beautiful Sin

Got a tip about the band "Beautiful Sin". A rock band with a female singer, they are good! So now I seem to have got my self the first female role model in the rockgenre :). I like the way she is really pushing it and her strong voice handles it nicely. Like!


A comment right on the spot

Haha, I discussed some vocal techniques with my vocal coach yesterday. Think he got frustrated on me and my impatience. Eventyally he said (with power in his voice) "what you try to do in a very short time normally takes years to achieve". Then he throwed me out. No, he is too nice to do that but the eyes reveald his evil thoughts... And again, this is so me. Want things to move fast. //MMR


Dreams and frustrations

Well, once again I really wish I were a man. My heaven, what wouldn´t I give to sound like a really good male rocksinger?! It is just so frustrating! Don´t get me wrong, I am born in the right sex for me and do not wish to go under any knife to actually become a man ;). And, honestly, it would be quite awkward if I had this deep male voice to go along with my tiny body, hehe. But if I were a man I would sing rock ALL the time, I would live for it and believe in no silence. Ever. Besides dreams and frustrations this day has been dedicated to rehearsing. Again...But its so fun (dispite the female voice I produce :/) that time seems to disappear. Hope u all had a nice weekend! //MMR


Upcoming rockparty

Can't wait until a rockparty next saturday! It will take place north of Stockholm. There will be a few bands playing and I especially look forward to experiencing the band State of Mind. They are great! //MMR



Now I get it, I owerthink and oweranalyze my singing. And because of that I didn't get it right today. Was too focused to get it right that I lost the feeling.
Typical me...


Got more help to develop my singing

With the computer back in life, I got on practicing and recording today. Unfortunately it felt like all the practice I did yesterday made it all worse. I sang so false I never done before, so what is going on!? Fortunately I later got the opportunity to get some more help to develop my singing. Great!
The tips I got will help me a lot when practicing and to get my singing the way I want.
My goal has never been to become a worldclass Beyonce but I am determined to take it as far as possible.



It´s coming back :)

Well, a rough CPR seems to have done it, the bastard (=computer) is coming back to life!
This hopefully means that I will be able to proceed with my recording tomorrow, I do feel for my neighbors, but what the heck!
It kind of putt me down a bit when the "bastard" gave up, I had this tremendous speed and then it just fell back to zero. But at the other hand I have been doing other things instead, like som well needed training for example.

I find it quite amazing what actually happens when you start to think and reflect over the techniqe that you use when singing. Befor I started this journey I just sang. Period. Now I can apply certain techniques to get it to sound so much better. And it´s not rocket science.Cool!

Well, lets see what tomorrow brings!



A crashed computer equals PAIN!

The computer we use for music is dead. Couldn´t it have died like a year ago or something when I was less intrested in it then now?? I do think the bastard have a soul...I gotta wach out at night hereafter, since it obviously don´t like me too much.
I have a deadline that I need to hold so now I am quite stressed :/ Getting help from someone that has better hands with this technology scrap and just wish some CPR will bring it back again.

Well, thank God I can still practice on my vocals without a computer to mess around with. Thats what I´ve been up to today. And I have to say that all the excercises pay off, I have improved quite a bit and that is so fun! Even I can hear it ;)Looking forward to record this someday when the dead one has raised again!



Summing up the journey so far

When I look back over the past 2 months, I realize how lucky I´ve been in many ways. I would like to sum up the journey so far. I got to say that the speed has increased very fast. I started out lika a snail and didn´t really know where I was going. Now I travel in the speed of light!
And this actually scares me a bit.

Will I be able to match my collaborators expectations? I so not want to disapoint any of them!
Will I end up with nothing but a lots of time spend on a stupid and crazy dream?
Will I not be able to bring some hope about "anyone can achieve their dreams"?

I love what I am doing right now, but at the moment I doubt myself...But I know myself pretty good by now and don´t intend to give up. There is always a way to get around obstacles that comes around. The once in your mind is not more stable than others.

Like someone once said:

If you don´t try, nothing will happen


Useless update

I really don´t have much to say about this day, so this is a useless update. Nothing extreamly funny happened, and no one from a music publischer asked me to sign up...How weird is that?? Haha, good I can laugh about myself anyway!

All I did today was practicing, and I will need a lot of it. Try to get into my head that learn to sing the way I want will take time. Boring. But still, for every time I practice there is actualla a difference, so it´s just to keep in there.
I stuggel a bit with my song "When you sleep", I can´t get a certain part of it to sound lika I hear it in my head, quite frustrating but I will figure that out eventually.

Ok, so I wish you guys a nice saturday evening!



If you could belive...

...how fun I had today! I recorded vocals to my song, it is unbelievably cool to hear your own voice to your own lyrics along with the instruments. My God!! It´s been the best day ever!



Vocal training, vocal training and why not even more vocal training?

So, now I have that draft of my song to listen to (my computer is near a crash due to repetitive playing of the song...) and it gets better for every time. I also hear things to improve, like the melody in the verse which needs to be adjusted a bit I think.

Been busy with other things today so I had no chance to do my vocal training. During the comming days I will train a LOT, especially on my song thats under producion. And, if my producer will be satisfied with the work (and I with the singing), then hopefully you will be able to hear it around mid April. How about that!?

I am so looking forward to that and I am already eager to know what you all will think of this song!

Lets just wait...(thats the part I´m good at. NOT!)



Superhappy :)

Guess what landed in my dropbox today....?
A draft of my song! I thought it was great and I am really amazed of the result so far. Think about it, I have been doing this for less than 2 months and my first song is actually under production. I feel superhappy and alive! How on earth am I going to get some sleep tonight (or ever!) after this.
I got even more inspired now which resulted in finishing two more lyrics ;)

I want to do at least one full album. Right now! So- there we have my next goal, hehe...


Haha, I´m busted!

When I started this journey I decided to held it secret to almost everyone around me. Now it turns out I´m busted! Haha, I got to give the guy cred for this, good job!



Ok, this code needed to be here for some reason....



Well, there seem to be nothing wrong with my inspiration anyway! Just wrote lyrics to a new song, not sure what its going to be called yet but "To me" is quite fitting to the content...

Once again I keep wondering why on earth I am not able to do this full time? I don´t want to work with anything else than this. I love it so much, feels like I finally found myself. Really deep, I know...The lyrics in my head keeps banging on to get out on a paper regardeless of what time of the day (or night) it is. Hmmm, maybe I´m sick somehow...

Please, please just let me be financially indipendent. Just for a while....


Now it happens

Some things can´t move from 0 to 5 billion in 0,3 seconds. Others apparantly can. I handed over one of my songs for production yesterday, I just can´t wait to get to hear just a part of it! Excited!
It´s just totally unbelievable how fast things can happen.

Maybe this will turn out bad, not because of the guy producing (he seems to know what he is doing!) but because of me and my voice.
That kind of freaks me out a bit. But at the same time; this is me. I sound like this. My goal was to record about 3 or 4 songs this year and put them out for release. So I will stick to my goal, no matter what. If you guys out there don´t like it, it will be a shame but nothing I can change.

I hang on to my dream and wish it will turn out well!



My voice is going down

After 1 hours vocal training I went for a date with Cubase to record "When you sleep". During the recording I felt unhappy with parts of it, especially the stick and parts of the verses. So, I had to go for a pencil and now I feel quite pleased with how it turned out. I´ve been singing so much today that I had to take a break and make a cup of tea with honey (I hate honey but I do it for the sake of my voice. Sacrificing...)
Cubase is nicely waiting upstairs so now I´m going back up there;)



Destiny or what?

I still don´t know if I believe in what we usually call "destiny", but I still find it strange that shortly after finding my passion for music, I got unemployed. For the first time ever. I do have a lot of time for my project now and I will for sure use that time wisely.
Also, during this time I´ve been lucky enough to meet many people willing to help me out, isn´t that great? At the same time I wonder why they want to spend any time on me. The crazy, imptient girl that lacks all kinds of experience. Just started to sing and...I just don´t get it. 

But because I decided to do this, (call it goal-oriented or stubborn... ) I give my soul for this. This is the way I am, all or nothing! If i decided to do something, I do it! I will give you an example; 
In school I always hated mathematics. I really sucked on it and coud never figure out why I needed to understand, which I never did anyway. But then, many years later, I started dreaming of taking an MBA (Master of Business Administration). That course includes a lot of mathematics since it focuses on economics. Hrm. But hey, how hard can it be ;) It turned out to be really hard. Especially since I had my full time employment to take care of aswell. Now I have my degree, it was not without tears and blod, but still I made it. And I am proud over my achievement.  This is what my ongoing journey is all about. I want to show you all out there that everyone can fulfill their dreams. I never had high thoughts of myself and that made me who I am today. Now I take revenge on myself. I am totally convinced that the power we have within just needs to be let out. You can make it.

Ok, lets go back to where I were..I usually spend around 1 hour a day on vocal training, then I work on my lyrics and the melodies.
My intentions for tomorrow is to keep on rehersing on my first song, "Power within", and if I get it the way I want I will also record it. Next up is the new song, which is for a project on a newly found collaboration. The song is "When you sleep" and I am going to give a shot at recording the song to that tomorrow!

So you see, unemployed or not- I always have much to do!

//MMR (again...)

A great time to live!

Hi and welcome to my "sunday-thoughts".
I got to tell you how lucky I feel about living in the 2014. You all know about my crazy dream and how little I can make on my own due to lack of knowledge and skills when it comes to creating music.
I started this journey all alone, along the way I found someone to help me recording and building up the music. But time seems to come in our way quite often. So I started to look around for others to collaborate with. I found one that can help me with both music and producing and just yesterday I run in to someone on the internet that has great skills as a lyricist. Read a few of his lyrics and they are SO great!

My initial though of this project was to stay strictly to my own lyrics, but when I look around and discover how much amazing jobs are done out there I start to hesitate. Why not let these guys out of the light and choose one of their lyrics for my project?

Imagine I lived a hundred years ago; how far do you think I had come on my journey then?



Now the time has come to present my last inspiratior which is Masterplan! Another power-metal band. Among there songs I can´t help loving "Enighten me".

Jorn Lande is singing on this album and I also listen a lot on his other album, released in his name.




Ok, next up is Pink! With a lot of attitude and lyrics that sounds real and straight from the heart her music inspires me a lot. I also made a cover on her "Sober", maybe thats not doing her justice, but since I like her so much it felt natural to choose a song from her.

I love the attitude, which is not far from my own....



Royal Hunt!

Next up, Royal Hunt!
I discovered this band quite recently. I like them much because of their melodic and progressive rock.

Gives me inspiration to keep on with my own music.




Time to present my second source of inspiration; Avantasia!
And I know...Edguy, Avantasia...but I can´t help loving them and Tobias Sammet.

What can I say...listen to them and you might understand me. It´s powermetal at its best together with orchestras and choirs.




Love, love, love Edguy!
Their metaforic lyrics toghether with the well produced, grand music is just so great.
They are definitely one of my top 5 inspirators and they can more than often be heard in my house and car. Loudly...
The song "Vain Glory Opera", also title of this album, has it all.

So "until we raise again" - adieu!

My top 5 inspirators!

I have not been able to give you any sample of my own songs yet (God, it takes unbearably long time...) so in the upcoming days I thought I´ll give you a list of my top 5 inspirators.
They will be presented with a short description on why they inspire me. Maybe that can shed some light on who I am as an artist and from where I get my influences.

I listen to music all the time, and have been doing so forever. All sorts of genres and artists/bands can make me inspired in different ways, but there is a few of them that I just can´t live without.
Later today I will give you the first one!



"I keep on searching but I....

never seem to find". That is how I feel right now and funny enough it also happens to be the first line in the now quite famous, but yet unheard..., song "Power within".
Today I feel like living in hell, got no interest in looking for jobs, no interest in my songs or texts. Not up for vocal training. Just want to lay down waiting for a better day.

But a good thing happened last night!
My tattooist contacted me about one of my unfinished skulls, so now I am finally going to get that fixed! And because of my no-job situation, I get a heavy reduce in price...can´t do anything else than love the guy!



Unemployed with much time to spend!

So this was actually my first day ever as unempoyed. So far it just feels lika an ordinary day off. I spent part of the hours visiting that friend of mine that has Ken Tamplins vocal-school, so for one and a half hour I trained my voice, lots of scales were bouncing off the walls ;)
It was fun!
I need to get to know mt voice, what I can - and can´t - do with it and I feel this is a good start.

Tomorrow I think I need to reherse on "Power within", both melody and text were changed a bit yesterday.



Verse done!

I don´t know how naiv I actually am. No way I thought it should take so much time and effort in making just one song! Today I have been practicing a lot on my voice and we also build up the music to the verse and put some song to it. The song must be re-recorded a bunch of times I think. I´m far from a proffessional and have to keep on working with my voice-lessons.
I even got angry on myself today. Why in the world can´t I sing as I want to! Frustrating is far from right word but I try to stick to a decent language as long as I can...

This means that I´m not ready to put this song out. Have patience.



It's me again

It's me again!
Managed to fix the intro today, it will be great! Have to find some more time tomorrow to get the rest of it recorded!
Sucks that a day is just about 24hours :(



By the way

I really appreciate being part of a few forums for musicians, I found some interesting people that maybe up for future collaborations! Thats great!


Yeah right...

At least now I got time to proceed with my journey...
Got unemployed for the first time ever today. 2 months with salary, feels ok. Got a couple of deals already so I will be fine. During the time I can focus on my music!
Suppose some of you think I am crazy at work as well and thats why I was kicked out. I almost wish it was that way. But it was for other reasons, like the company don´t do well and I had worked a short time there.

I keep my good mood up and focus on this project instead as long as I can before someone hires me again.
Next week I will continue writing on my songs!



How will I make it??

I´m getting sick of all the waiting. You know I can´t make this trip on my own due to lack of skills and knowledge. I write lyrics and I sing. But there is something about that that´s missing...Like music, for example. We will give it a try this weekend to get "Power within" recorded. If this doesn´t work out I have to look for other collaborations.
But how easy is that?!

Everything seem to be going against me right now. Just looking for better times to come around. Maybe I need a big, good drink tomorrow? Who knows?

Things just sucks right now. But regardless of how hopless things seems I am not the one to give up. Never.



Updates, updates, updates....

I always hear you have to update your blog at least once a day, or else no one will follow you. But hey, this is not an awarage blog. I don´t write about what I seen during the day, or what I heard or eat.

This blog is just about me, trying to reach my goal on this winding journey that I hope should lead to the uploading of at least 2 songs on, lets say, Soundcloud for example.

My lack of vocal training, my lack of knowledge on how to actually build up a song (the fact that I have been writing "lyrics" for a couple of years doesn´t mean that I knew how to built it up in a good way, just figured that out!) is the foundation to my journey. I really want to try this out, singing my own music. And along the way I decided to make it a little more fun, no one knows I am doing it apart from my closest little family. Not my sister, not my mother, not my best friend. I love having my own, secret little project ;)

If I don´t have anyone else to compete with, I can always try to amaze myself. Or not...well, we haven´t really heard the oucome of that yet.

I just wish I had the time and that the one around me that can help had the time. I feels so frustrating, I want to express my self and my fellings thrue my music, but I can´t make it on my own. I have to rely on others to make it happen. And that "other" is not a producer or something like that and have a whole life besides me and my crazy dreams. This journey sucks sometimes but I will not give up. Somehow I will make it.



School of rock - lesson 4 learned

Time to write about lesson 4.
I learnt quite a lot since lesson 3:

  • How much it means with good vocal training. You can develop your voice quite quickly if you actually do your practice every day.
  • People seems to truly like the vocals I put out for qritique. That feels SO exciting!
  • Patience (The fact that I realized it's a must when making music dosen't necessarily mean I'm loaded with it)
  • Listen to the qritique you get with an open mind. Take it into account when working on your music.
  • Don't give up! Let your dreams be with you, no matter what. For everyone who thinks you sucks there will be others that really like what you're doing! The most important is that you do what you like!



Struggeling with life...

Hi, I realized how hard it is to find the time I think I need for my project.
Working full time, travelling in work and studying. All at the same time as I started up this journey in music.Good for me I got energy! But not always the time...:(

Anyway I found a little bit of time and started writing on a new song. It´s going to be called "Believe the King" or something like that and is a bit odd from what I use to write about. It is about a boy that is forced to become a soldier and how he loses his mind and feelings when getting in to slaughtering. Not very nice. I am also going to try to explain whats going o in his mind.

By the way I keep on training vocals and I successfully leart to "lip-roll" :) and use the breathing technique quite differently.

Ok, thats what I had to say for now.



Developing the voice

Busy weekend taking care of all the snow! We got about 30 cm last week so I have been spending a lot of time outside, looking for my car, he,he.

I also had time to practice a bit, it is really cool what you can do with your voice if you know how. A lot of scales has been bouncing off the walls ;) I also learned about the bridge and how to use the chest- and headvoice. Had no clue about this before!

No recording was made during the weekend, but the time is not near its end (I hope :/)



Another day gone

...hm, that could have been a songtitle! But not this time. Now I am referring to this day, it is soon over and I haven´t had the time to do much about either the voice or the songs. However, the upcoming weekend looks promising!

I try to figure out how I should market my first song when it´s ready for release. Internet is obviously filled with opportunities, but also with a significant competition. How will I get people to find the song?
I guess I have to deep into the sneaky internet-marketing :/

I have been a member in a few music-forums for a while now, and WOW, the amount of really talanted singer/songwriters seems huge! And another thing I discovered is that there are loads of really nice and helpful people hanging out in those forums.
So,if you are a musicfreak - I advice you to become a member as soon as possible!



The process of making a song

During todays training I rewrote parts of my text. AGAIN.
Guess it´s all part of the process of making a song and I´m happy I have the ability to be creative when I work on the text.
Can´t wait to record it! I desperatly want it out there so you can give me your feedback, but on the other hand, I want it to be really good before I make it public...

I know a really good guitarist (he also handle the drums nicely..., what a guy (!), maybe I can trick him to help ;))

Ok, more practice is on my schedule now, maybe I will catch a infection to my vocal cords when suddenly training them every day? But, so be it in that case...



Ken Tamplin and starting up the vocaltraining

Hehe, this is actually fun!
I visited me vocal coach today and I also had time to visit a friend of a friend who has the Ken Tamplin vocal academy. It seems pretty good, I tried out some exercises and yepp, maybe this can be something to use between visiting the IRL coach.

I remade the melody to "Power within" today, think it will be really cool but quite hard for me to sing. So now I have to put a lot of time into training, I do want to sing this song myself.

Maybe I am optimistic (as always...) but I am going to do everything I can to have a decent recording of the song in a few weeks, with guitars, drums, intro, all in place! Do you think I will make it??

Wish me luck!



Vocal training

I should put some vocals on my song today. Yeah, I am so naive...
I started singing 3 weeks ago and think I should pull it off. Turned out that the song I written needs some restruction to fit my voice. And (surprise, surprise!) I need to do some vocal training to be able to sing my song in a good way. Isn´t that boooring?
Since I´m not totally stupid I get that I have a LOT of work to do, just don´t want the recording of my song to take more time....
Am so curious how it will turn out when ready! Can´t wait! So during next week I will do some serious practicing and we will use some of the upcoming weekend to work on it.



Music creation

Have to say that music creation ROCKS!
We started out this day with a rowdy soundcard, efter some annoying tries to get a hold of what was wrong it turned out to be pretty cooperative.
We started put guitars and drums to my song, and the best part of making your own song is that you can build it up just like you want to! Thats really great, I whish I had the knowledge and skills to doing this myself but with someone who knows me and the sound I like and also have the skills...wow, I feel really lucky!

Hoping to get some time this evening to proceed, this is SO inspiring and I just don't want to do anything else!



Patience, patience...

Ugh, once again I'm struggeling to have some patience.
My optimistic plans for building up my song last night did not turn out the way I wanted it to. The one that were supposed to help out just could not make it.
We're going to try to find some time during the weekend and I hope it works out this time!
Meanwhile I practice singing, got really good feedback from people listening to my cover on Soundcloud with a lot of good tips.
To sum up the latest two days; patience and practice!


Fixing music...!

Just did a quick recording of the vocals (with my phone...) to "Power within".
I actually think this song can be quite good, going to start fixing with the music in the evening and I look forward to upload it so you can hear it!

I have no idea how long the "music-fixing-thing" are going to take, but the aim for now is not to produce it on an expert-level. Just want it ready for critique.



I didn´t die!

Hehe, a few weeks ago I had definitely thought I would have died if I let others listening to me singing. Now when several persons heard my cover and I am starting to get feedback, it feels great! As said before, I just started with this and I will for sure proceed!
Never felt so increadably alive as I did when recording that song, of course it containes a few big mistakes, but whatever! I am a beginner.

I am working on rewriting the lyrics to my song "Power within", there was a few changes I suddenly felt I should do. Hoping to get som help within the next weeks to put music to it, lets see what happens!



Hear me on Soundcloud!

Finally, finally, there is a sample of my extreamly newfound songvoice on Soundcloud. I know it´s far from perfect, but remember that this is my first recording ever and I have just started to let others hear me sing and getting to know how to use my voice.
But this does definitely NOT mean that I don´t want critique, because I really do! Feel free to bounce it off to me!




I have recorded!

Got some help recording "Sober" a bit more proffessional today. Probably going to upload it on soundcloud tomorrow:) get back to you with the link.
It was awsome recording with good equipment! Not very nervous, just letted it all out!
Good night to you all!


Pinks Sober

I decided to give up on Ignite, at least for a while. Got tired of trying to make music for my vocals. Instead I found myself an instrumental version of Pinks "Sober" to wich I recorded my singing. I also did find an interesting site to upload it on, maybe that site could lead to interesting collaborations. Get back to you about that later.
I had a great time recording, I really enjoy singing and my journey feels SO right!
Will try to get some sleep now so I can keep up my work tomorrow!


...and hey...

If someone is sitting out there being some kind of an expert on Ignite or whatever program, please help me out here!!!


Hm, I´m about to loose it...
My patience is not the best as you know by now, and Ignite and me are struggeling a bit. Trying to understand how the f*** to record the vocals. Need to look at tutorial videos and read a stupid manual. Those things aren´t for me.
My next song is definitely going to be called "Impatient bitch"and I am reffering to myself...

If this doesn´t give me a heart attack, I will get back when the vocals are where I want them to.