Five tips to destroy a hit

Five tips to destroy the hit you could have made

In my opinion

1) Make sure your lyrics follow all technicalities and academic rules you can find. Pay good attention to the rhyming and the meter, oh, that just has to be right! You should also include a bridge and preferably even an outro besides the obligatory verses and chorus.

2) Your first draft of the vocals should only be seen for what they really are – a rough idea. There’s no need to pay attention to the feeling you put in there. That won’t matter in the end anyway.

3) When recording vocals, you may also want to add some backing vocalists to it (that are better than you). That way you’ll make sure no one hears any mistakes you might have done.

4) Your music also deserves to take a deeper look into. Don’t even think about doing anything that stands out too much. Stick to what usually works. Boring? Yeah, but effective!

5) Your music and vocals should now be ready to join up to form the complete song. Then it’s time for mixing and mastering. Good luck on that one. But there is a tip I want to share with you to make it easy and quick. Just increase almost everything as much as possible and when you done that – for God’s sake, don’t forget to kick ass with the pitch-corrector! You don’t want to reveal your voice is human, do you?

By following these 5 simple steps you are now ready to sit back, enjoy your work and watch your song climb thru the boards. One side-effect, though. Unfortunately your own creativity might suffer for a long time after this. I know mine would, my songs come from the heart and I want them to show that. I’m not a perfect singer or perfect lyricist but that’s just me doing what I love. 

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