Keep on or what??

The last weeks I've been putting music on hold for many reasons. But today I took my ass upstairs to begin again. Yesterday I tried to lay vocals on a song but the result was terrifying. I mean it. It really shows when I've put my vocals on hold. Today it felt much better and I managed to lay vocals to a song. This particular song is an extended version of one that is already made by the guy I'm living with and a collab. I think it's great but worries about my own ability to give it justice. Hopefully it will be out soon!


Dreams and dust

We all keep dreaming. We all have hopes and goals. What if we got so deep into our shoes that these didn't matter no more? What if there were no hope for a better tomorrow?
What if our dreams were just dust of tomorrow?
Hmm, maybe this will be the beginning of a new song...

It's kind of late here in Sweden now and I still don't know if my boss expects me to work tomorrow. I guess I'll stay at home writing this new song.
I might even share the lyrics with you! So stay tuned.


Just when I thougt

It couln't get worse- it just did. Man, I wish I knew how my future looks like. Now it's all a mess. For the second time in 10 months I had to leave my employment. This time it was all because of who I am. I don't hesitate to argue when I find something strange or inappropriate. In this particular company I found the personnel politics strange and not at all in line with what you need to build a successfull company.
So, I was sent home because my boss couldn't handle me. Jawn...
I hope I can find strenght to focus on my music instead. You know I have a lot to finish in that area.


So, this year I hope I will be able to upload a few of my new songs. I really want you to listen  to them! Among them there's my tribute to my dad;  "Betrayal".