Happy New Year!

Hi all! Just wanted to wish you all a fantastic 2014!
May we all succeed with your plans and goals!
I know I Will keep on struggeling towards my dream!
Rock on!


Making music

Good morning! Yesterday I had time to start building up the music to one of my songs!
It is so cool what you can do with a computer, a program and a small keystation!
Because of this discover I never want to go back to my job. Ever!
I will continue with my song today and hopefully I will be done with the basics later on.
I'll keep you updated ;)


Ha, Ignite, I'm ready!

Hi! Hope you all had a nice holiday!
I'm super-happy! Got a mini keyboard as gift wich also contained the musicprogram Ignite. That program seems really easy to use and I think it will suit my needs, at least for the beginning.
Now I am spending the rest of the afternoon looking at the tutorial videos :)
If lucky, maybe I can start to build my first song later this evening.


Power within

Can't help myself, more vocals produced...
This time the song is called "Power within" and it's about me (like the most). I lost my voice and my faith in myself many years ago, now I try to find my way back. So it's actually reffering to my current state of mind.
I'll put the lyrics out any day:)


School of rock - lesson 3 learned

Maybe I should also tell you the downside of the songlesson. There is such a big difference between males and females regarding the voice, I will never be able to sing the way I really want to :(
Got to live with that one and find the strenght in my vioce.

Love u guys!

Wow! Yesterdays song lesson were....

Scary, exciting and made me want to practice 24/7!
During the hour I learnt about breeding and how to use all muscles that singing requires.
I were probably not the most skilled person she ever met, but I have a really strong voice and good posture. So the overall judgement was: keep on rocking Mary!

I will probably take a day or two off blogging, christmas you know...
Planning to work lyrics and maybe try getting along better with Cubase.

Marry christmas to you all!!


Last minute change! Oooops...

Though a little scared, I really look forward to tomorrows lesson :)
But of course I have been successfull in making my own lifa a bit harder. During the day I suddenly felt that I liked to sing another song tomorrow, great...
The chosen one is "Wounds" by Masterplan. Yeah!!
I get back to you tomorrow, telling you how it went.

Rock on till then!!

BTW, Cubase and I will soon have had enough of each other. Luckely I had some proposals from good musicians to help me out. Let´s se what happens! Exciting!


Royal Hunt

Damn. Soon it will be doomsday. On thursday I will go for a lesson with the vocal coach.
I have been rehearsing Royal Hunts "Halfway to lonliness" a billion times. Strangly, I still like the song!
Wondering how it will turn out on thursday. Maybe she will say I am truly a hopeless case and kick me out afraid of bad publicity having me there...?
So keep your fingers crossed that I pull this off!

And by the way. I left my song for critique yesterday. And I am really glad about all the feedback I got! Most thought the lyrics were great and there were a few things to change. I am so happy about this!! Think about it; never wrote a song in my entire life with the aim to actually do something of it. And now I got this positive feedback that gives me energy to keep on my track!

I will keep on rocking!!



Hi again!
Well, it´s a busy time before christmas. I didn´t do much on the music the last days, besides leaving the lyrics for my latest song "When you sleep - I dream" for critique. Can´t wait to get feedback on it! I never, ever, ever let anyone read my lyrics until I started this blog and joined a couples of forums.

Nervous but I really look forward to the critique. Am I totally wrong or maybe I am quite ok? I let you guys know as soon as I hear anything!

And I´ve been trying to get the drums in order for my song, not easy if you are just a rookie like me, but I think I did quite ok. Figured out I needed to wish myself a mini-keybord for christmas so I can let the guitars play and the choir sing!

Take care, guys!


Leave a comment

Hey, while reading the blog, feel free to leave me a comment! I would really like to interact with you guys!

A better day!

Today is really a better day than the last one :)
Had a lots of fun with my amazing colleagues, they are truly great people!

So what happens with the music? Me and Cubase still don´t get along, thinking about changing that soon. Not tonight though, I am fixing the music to my song "When you sleep...".

And I am practising for my singing lesson next week, feels a bit depressing that I don´t like my voice....
Hopefully this vocal coach will be able to fix some kind of miracle :/ Can´t wait for her feedback!


A bad day

Not in the best of moods today, ugh. Don´t get the stupid Cubase and I can´t really concentrate either. I already know I´m crazy but now I really start to wonder where this little trip is going to end up...
Working full time leaving just a little, little time left for my project is already affecting me. If only I could do this full time, how fun wouldn´t that be? Now it´s not fun.

Trying to motivate myself by looking forvard to the meeting with the vocal coach. Think I´m done with my choice now, probably I will go for Royal Hunt and "Half past lonliness". Question is; is it enough of a challenge?


Hmm, deciding which song to take to vocal coach

Next week I will meet my vocal coach (poor woman...). Until then I´m supposed to have selected a song to sing - beautifully - to her, hehe.
Any suggestion on how to make this choice?
Been thinking about:
Avantasia´s "Another angel down"
Royal Hunt´s "Another man down", "Half past lonliness" or "Show me how to live".
Why not Masterplan´s "Enlighten me"?? Loooove it!!!

Tricky question....


Oh, man...I did it again

Shit, I was just getting to consensus with myself about the music to one song I made. And there we go again. It was enough to get up for a cup of coffe to get my brain out of control.
So, now I accidently have the lyrics for another song "When you sleep - I dream".

What should I do with all the lyrics laying around in drawers, on the floor and everywhere? If I could get just 1 dollar each, I would be rich!

I will keep on struggeling to get myself to do what I decided for another hour....


Finally- cubase installed!

Hehe, it took WAY to long but the installation was finally done last night. As you might know, I never ever used this program before. Combine that with my zero patience and you will get a frustrated maniac!
Hope to get a little help, otherwise the demo will be done in about 15 years....

School of rock - lesson 2 learned

Hi! Who would have known lesson 2 would be of general caracter?
"If you can't make it on your own - adjust to the one who can"
I say: boooooring!!

I'm waiting for the one that will help me install ALL the programs I need. Lets say we're not there yet...

Getting on without brain?

Hmm, it ain´t easy to do what I´m supposed to. Try to fix the first song, but I get lost in lyrics ALL the time!
My brain is far to creative and I can´t seem to shut it off. But on the other hand, if I manage to do that I guess it will have great impact on the rest of the musicmaking process...

It would be really cool if there were a way to select which parts of the brain you would activate and which you wanted to turn off.

Until somebody come up with a solution for this, I keep on struggeling keeping to my path :/


And so it begins

Tonight I will install cubase and start making the first song! Wish I had nothing else to do! This is SO cool, why didn't I do this a long time ago?


It´s decided, go Cubase!

The winner of the "what program to use" is finished!
For the development of my song I will use Cubase. The main reason for this is obvious; already got it at home along with everything else I need.
Let´s just say I´m not the only one in this house that´s into music.

But, I am quite alone not to master the Gods of music-creation...Guess I have to learn to pull this off :s

Future plan is to see the voice coach for a series of session (the first will be up within two weeks) and meanwhile completing the songs, then I will fix the recording, mixing and whatever. Done with that = you can listen to my maaaaazing rocksongs, haha...
What about it? Will you join me on the road?


...and the truth is...

I always loved to sing. I always loved rock. Naturally this means that I have been singing rocksongs for the major part of my life. But the thing is; until now I never sang to anyone besides my closest family. And barely that!
Up came this crazy idea of mine, I will go to "rockland". Somehow I will find my way. 3 songs recorded and available is the goal. Doing this might seem increadably stupid and crazy. And I must agree to some point.
The crazy part of me (the bigger...) says:
-Fuck the unbelievers! Want to do it? Who can stop you? Go!!
The thruth is, only I can stop me. And that is not what I intend to do this time.

So, I booked myself in for a session with a really skilled vocal coach. It scares me a bit when I think on the fact that I actually have to sing to her...hehe, hopefully I get over it.


Crucified by time

Ok, here is the lyrics for "Crucified by time":

Just crucified myself so I am dead
I had a chance to reach you, now you´re gone
Everything I do seems to be wrong

I try to reach you but you are
Too far from me, so far from me
Why didn’t we meet long, so long ago?
It wasn´t meant for us to live together, no

Turn it back, the time
Turn it back so we can start all over again
I try to breath but it´s to
It’s all too hard for me
No air will never be found
Can’t  get it so I hit the ground

I try to touch you but you’re
Long gone from me, long gone from me
How come you´re not here, not here no more?
It wasn´t meant for us to live together, no

Turn it back, the time
Turn it back so we can start all over again
I try to breath but it´s to
It’s all too hard for me
No air will never be found
Can’t  get it so I hit the ground

...something like that ;)

Using Cubase??

Hm, I might be considering using Cubase for making my music. The lyrics is there but the other things "sourrunding" the songs is not, actually...Figure I´m gonna need it, hehe.

Any thought of other programs and/or apps to use?

The lyrics might come in a little later, who knows what I am up to this evening ;)


Late night in Sweden...got to work tomorrow so this will be the end for tonight.
I am planning to show you the lyrics for "Crucified by time" tomorrow. I hope you will enjoy it and I really would like you to give me feedback on it!

Hope you read it tomorrow and help me out with this!

You´ll here from me...

First song selected

Even though I got lost in writing more lyrics yesterday, I actually managed to select the first song. It's called crucified by time. This song is about when all the right things happens in the wrong time.

School of rock- lesson 1 learned

I learned my first lesson in my own school of rock yesterday.
If you try to select songs for further development; it's not a smart idea to use the time producing even more songs!

Couldn't find any way to neglect my creativity...


5 essential tips for those who want to live a boring life

If you wish to live a life without any excitment what so ever; here is my top 5-list:

  1. Don´t follow your dreams - or; don´t even try!
  2. Listen to critics around you. They might say "Don´t do it, you have no experience!" And then you   don´t do it.
  3. Take every aspect of life really seriously.
  4. Instead of listening to yourself - take some god damn responsibility and do what other tell you to. Supress all "evil" and crazy thoughts that might come around.
  5. Be scared of everything that´s new and unknown to you.
Follow these tips and I guarantee you sucess in a boring life!

How can I choose among the songs?

Shit, this is not an easy task...
I have to choose 4 out of 19 songs. How do you do that when every single one means something to you??



Hey there!
Got a lot of stuffs going on today but the task for this evening is to complete the lyrics for song nr 1.
But before that I have to choose which 4 songs that will have a chance to become part of the demo....:/
A painfull task!


Welcome to "rockland"!

It´s super-fun you find my blogg! I qickly realized that most of you visiting my blog is not really in to swedish. Sorry about that, changing to english may get you to understand me a bit better ;)

 I just started my craziest journey so far in life. I finally decided to take myself on a journey in Rockland - here I come! No one is safe anymore ... hahaha.

Grew up surrounded by rock music and many of the great songs out there has inspired me to take on this strange and maybe stupid journey! Over the years I have been writin a lot of lyrics, and now I can´t let them stay in the drawer any longer. So what the fuck, why don´t let them out and start a journey to the studio and make at least three of the songs come alive?

Join me on the journey and become part of my trip (I can garantee you will have a few laughs on the way...) So, think there will be a demo or not?