...and the truth is...

I always loved to sing. I always loved rock. Naturally this means that I have been singing rocksongs for the major part of my life. But the thing is; until now I never sang to anyone besides my closest family. And barely that!
Up came this crazy idea of mine, I will go to "rockland". Somehow I will find my way. 3 songs recorded and available is the goal. Doing this might seem increadably stupid and crazy. And I must agree to some point.
The crazy part of me (the bigger...) says:
-Fuck the unbelievers! Want to do it? Who can stop you? Go!!
The thruth is, only I can stop me. And that is not what I intend to do this time.

So, I booked myself in for a session with a really skilled vocal coach. It scares me a bit when I think on the fact that I actually have to sing to her...hehe, hopefully I get over it.

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