New collaboration!

Hi! Things can happen quite quick! I just finished up with a collaborator and now it's already time for next! This time I will record vocals for two songs. One is a blues and the other a blues-rock! This is going to be SO much fun, I just love this! Besides those two I keep on working on my own music and one of the duets is soon ready for vocals as well. Seems like I know what to do the upcoming week ;) //MMR



Hi! Remember I promised to upload the ballad I did for a collaboration? It's called All of the Trees and you'll find it right here: https://soundcloud.com/mazingmaryrocks/all-of-the-trees


By the way

If you're a muscician, sign up for Songstuff.com. We have so much fun over there! //MMR

Muhaha. ..

Haha, you never have more fun than you see too! Today I had a closeup with a matchmakingsite for muscicians. I will start as a member of their team and watch out for new talents and do some other stuff aswell. Fun! But how in hell should I ever get time to work as an employee again? I'm working on my voice and music, I train a spooking horse several days a week, I'm moderator at Songstuff.com and now this. Who would have though there were so much to do as unemployed? ;) //MMR


Time for an update

Hi all! Long time no seen, huh? I really can't explain what I been up to lately. Because that's top secret. Got ya!!:) I have been working on the duet that I will record vocals to any day. We managed to make a really cool melodic rockduet out of my lyrics. I adore that song! When I did "When you sleep" I was thinking about how I would react if someone else done the song and I heads it on radio or whatever. I can honestly say - not sure if I would like it very much.... But this song is different. I wish you could heare just a draft of it because it's SO me and this song represents why I started this journey! Take care and don't forget...just give me a comment if there's something special you want me to write about ;) //MMR


Last couple of days

it happened a lot! You know I finished the ballad-vocals. I will upload it to my Soundcloud account any day :) This evening I started to work on the vocals to one of my own songs. It turned out to be another duet and it's called power within. It's handed over to a guy that will record drums and guitar. Hopefully you will be able to hear this great song in a few weeks! Take care, guys! //MMR



I just finished up the vocals for the ballad :) Now I'm heading off for another rockparty to celebrate! Maybe I'll meet some of you there? You never know! Nice weekend and happy easter to those of you that celebrate it :) //MMR


Ok, I AM crazy about this journey!

The other day I had some major doubts about all this. Why not give up? I always knew why but... Today I think I nailed the lyrics I've been struggeling with for a loooong time. Yeeeah!! Let's see what my expert says before I send them over to my collaborator, hehe. If the "expert" don't like them, well ...screw him! I like them! And, because I totally want to get some more songs done I'm thinking about starting up another collaboration. Happen to know a composer and melody writer? Then please tell me!! //MMR


Hi guys!

What have u been up to this tuesday? I struggled with the lyrics for the beautiful ballad (again...) and I managed to write another lyric, haha. I am already able to take a bath in all of them ;) The ballad is getting there. Slow but steady! I guess I will be able to send the file to my collaborators at the end of this week. It's taking loads of time. First I catch that cold, then I struggled to find my voice in it. Not easy, but I am really not experienced either so what did I expect... //MMR


Hi all!

Sunday evening. How much can happen, really? To me the day has been really nice :) Among the things I've been up to today I attend to my first moderator meeting at SongStuff. A whole bunch of great people! They are all supernice and the fact that we all share the same interest is awsome. If you stil haven't found that site, I truly recommend it, you find the forums site here: forums.songstuff.com //MMR


Still not crazy about this idea :(

I wrote a topic a few days ago, about ups and downs. I'm still down from yesterdays session (but I actually were forced into another session yesterday evening with my coach). It helped out a bit, but still. Why does it have to be so hard?? It's about making music - not to cut in someones brain! But at the other hand - that does not interest me ;) I took a time-off from music today, went out to the horse and played with the extreamly violent and "horse-eating" plasticbag, haha. Quite nice to do something completely diffrent. Tomorrow I'll proceed on the lovesong, hopefully I will be able to close that one up soon! //MMR


Maybe I should leave this to the skilled

Ok, I start thinking maybe the best thing for me would be to just stop my journey right here and right now. There are som many skilled musicians and singers out there so why even bother? I had a bad day with my vocal trainer and now I feel like "f*** it"! Let's do something fun instead. This is not fun at all right now. Hopefully I get over it soon. Wish u all a better start at the weekend then the one I had. //MMR


Edguy - I surrender!

Haha, one of my favorite bands, Edguy, will release their new album 18th april. Go check out the video for "Love tyger" here: http://www.edguy.net/eng/index.php Edguy - I completely surrender..you're the best! They are just as crazy as I am ;) //MMR


I don't know

what to tell you. This day has just passed without something special to it. Besides.... Starting the recording the ballad-vocals. Yeah! Finally! Just love that song, my collaborators are amazing musicians. The lyrics, the music, everything fits togheter so perfectly. And! I am also going to start as a trainee moderator at the greatest forum ever! Songstuff- the place where music comes alive! The cool thing about waking up in the morning is that you never no what will happen :) Sleep thight and beware of tomorrow! //MMR


How hard can it be?

Hmm, working on one of my songs. Sadly, my guy helping me is a really great rocksinger. He sounds like Jorn Lande. Yes, I say it's sad because he lays the pre-vocals and I am supposed to do it for real. He is amazing. I am just afraid I'm going to destroy the songs with my squeaky little womens voice. Doubting yourself, anyone...?? I stated earlier today that I am on good way finding my voice's strenght, but will it be enough? Can I go where I want to? Ok, I realize the time I spent singing is about 27 years less than my skilled collaborator. But anyway. I like a "quick-fix", sorry that can't be applied on the voice.... //MMR

Back on track

Finally my voice is normal again, or at least I can use it ;) I had some vocal training yesterday and I got to practice on finding the power in my voice. I had some problems with that, if you listen to "When you sleep" on Soundcloud you can hear my voice is lacking power. The exercice I learnt yesterday is really great for finding that strenght. I am supposed to do this exercise every single day, my coach did not say for how long but I assume for the rest of my life...;) Now when I am finally back on track I am going to put all my energy and very much of my time on this journey! Starting out with the vocals I were supposed to have record for one of my collaborators and also keep up the work on my new songs. //MMR


Besides music...

I try till fill my days with crazy stuff. Today I'v been out riding and for the first time ever in westernstyle. Why? Because I am going to help a girl training her horse. A very beautiful one, sadly it sees ghosts all around, so she's kinda unpredictible and it is a huge challange for me trying the help with this behaviour. If I ever write a song called "Crazy deamon" or something (unfortunately "Spooks in the attic" is already taken. By Edguy. Bastards...;))then you know that the inspiration to that comes from this particular horse. No riding tomorrow, though. Then I will do recordings for the ballad and if time allows, maybe I start record vocals for the song I was nagging about yesterday. //MMR


New production on its way

A new production is on its way!It's actually a reconstruction of a song we made a few weeks ago. The intro is changed, the verses are updated and so on. Far from done but at least the basics are set:) //MMR



Haha, I were at the local jobcenter today. Didn't really enjoy the mandatory meeting...After the lecture the women holding the meeting said (and pointad at me!): - and here are todays winner in the sleeping-contest! For real?! Actually didn't sleep a second. Wish I had. There were nothing new to me anyway. They didn't have any jobs as lyricist or musician so why would I be interested? ;) I give you free interpretation on that one! //MMR


Death Row

This morning over a cup of coffe I just had to write another lyric. It turned out to this new song Called Death Row. Here's an excerpt of it: - - Verse 1- Unaware what was coming, it won’t end up right Thru the darkness you see stars shining bright A moment for yourself, with thoughts flying free You can’t change destiny, some things are meant to be - - Chorus - In the middle of a complex game Nothing will ever be the same No one knew, darkness closing in Soon it’s under your skin Without a thought, they took your glow Locked you up in a death row- - And it goes on with another verse, a bridge and choruses. When on earth will I have time to make this thing come alive?? //MMR


Up's and downs, joy and grief

...and everything in between, thats what it's all about! Right now I would say I'm in between. This journey went straight up when I actually made the single which was my first goal ;), then I got sick and my voice still sounds like a few years of heavy whiskey-drinking... Since I was born without patience I can't wait any longer to get on with my vocal training and recordings. Maybe I can give it a go tomorrow?? Well, lets see what tomorrow brings. And I also have those 2 other songs under production, hoping to find time to work on them this weekend. They will be awsome, I can promise you that! Have a nice evening! //MMR

Haha, got to show you this

Found these quite drunk guys in the local store the other day :)