Power equals treasure

I think I found the treasure I’ve been looking for…
You know I always nag about finding my voice, and especially the power in it. Well, I have finally found it!
The other day I recorded some lines on “Betrayal” and thought “this can’t be the best I can do. Soft voice in a rocksong, no."  So, on with recording mode and on with the power in my voice.  Singing this way felt like screaming and sounded like crap inside my head. BUT- and here is the cool part – when I listened to the result…I sounded quite much like the way I always wanted to. Surprise!

What I have to learn now is to control this new and powerful voice just like I can control the soft voice. I don’t doubt that it will take very long time to master it but I am happy to have found my way.
Someday, when “Betrayal” is done, you’ll hear it!

//MMR (with a stupid smile on her face…)

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