By the way

I really appreciate being part of a few forums for musicians, I found some interesting people that maybe up for future collaborations! Thats great!


Yeah right...

At least now I got time to proceed with my journey...
Got unemployed for the first time ever today. 2 months with salary, feels ok. Got a couple of deals already so I will be fine. During the time I can focus on my music!
Suppose some of you think I am crazy at work as well and thats why I was kicked out. I almost wish it was that way. But it was for other reasons, like the company don´t do well and I had worked a short time there.

I keep my good mood up and focus on this project instead as long as I can before someone hires me again.
Next week I will continue writing on my songs!



How will I make it??

I´m getting sick of all the waiting. You know I can´t make this trip on my own due to lack of skills and knowledge. I write lyrics and I sing. But there is something about that that´s missing...Like music, for example. We will give it a try this weekend to get "Power within" recorded. If this doesn´t work out I have to look for other collaborations.
But how easy is that?!

Everything seem to be going against me right now. Just looking for better times to come around. Maybe I need a big, good drink tomorrow? Who knows?

Things just sucks right now. But regardless of how hopless things seems I am not the one to give up. Never.



Updates, updates, updates....

I always hear you have to update your blog at least once a day, or else no one will follow you. But hey, this is not an awarage blog. I don´t write about what I seen during the day, or what I heard or eat.

This blog is just about me, trying to reach my goal on this winding journey that I hope should lead to the uploading of at least 2 songs on, lets say, Soundcloud for example.

My lack of vocal training, my lack of knowledge on how to actually build up a song (the fact that I have been writing "lyrics" for a couple of years doesn´t mean that I knew how to built it up in a good way, just figured that out!) is the foundation to my journey. I really want to try this out, singing my own music. And along the way I decided to make it a little more fun, no one knows I am doing it apart from my closest little family. Not my sister, not my mother, not my best friend. I love having my own, secret little project ;)

If I don´t have anyone else to compete with, I can always try to amaze myself. Or not...well, we haven´t really heard the oucome of that yet.

I just wish I had the time and that the one around me that can help had the time. I feels so frustrating, I want to express my self and my fellings thrue my music, but I can´t make it on my own. I have to rely on others to make it happen. And that "other" is not a producer or something like that and have a whole life besides me and my crazy dreams. This journey sucks sometimes but I will not give up. Somehow I will make it.



School of rock - lesson 4 learned

Time to write about lesson 4.
I learnt quite a lot since lesson 3:

  • How much it means with good vocal training. You can develop your voice quite quickly if you actually do your practice every day.
  • People seems to truly like the vocals I put out for qritique. That feels SO exciting!
  • Patience (The fact that I realized it's a must when making music dosen't necessarily mean I'm loaded with it)
  • Listen to the qritique you get with an open mind. Take it into account when working on your music.
  • Don't give up! Let your dreams be with you, no matter what. For everyone who thinks you sucks there will be others that really like what you're doing! The most important is that you do what you like!



Struggeling with life...

Hi, I realized how hard it is to find the time I think I need for my project.
Working full time, travelling in work and studying. All at the same time as I started up this journey in music.Good for me I got energy! But not always the time...:(

Anyway I found a little bit of time and started writing on a new song. It´s going to be called "Believe the King" or something like that and is a bit odd from what I use to write about. It is about a boy that is forced to become a soldier and how he loses his mind and feelings when getting in to slaughtering. Not very nice. I am also going to try to explain whats going o in his mind.

By the way I keep on training vocals and I successfully leart to "lip-roll" :) and use the breathing technique quite differently.

Ok, thats what I had to say for now.



Developing the voice

Busy weekend taking care of all the snow! We got about 30 cm last week so I have been spending a lot of time outside, looking for my car, he,he.

I also had time to practice a bit, it is really cool what you can do with your voice if you know how. A lot of scales has been bouncing off the walls ;) I also learned about the bridge and how to use the chest- and headvoice. Had no clue about this before!

No recording was made during the weekend, but the time is not near its end (I hope :/)



Another day gone

...hm, that could have been a songtitle! But not this time. Now I am referring to this day, it is soon over and I haven´t had the time to do much about either the voice or the songs. However, the upcoming weekend looks promising!

I try to figure out how I should market my first song when it´s ready for release. Internet is obviously filled with opportunities, but also with a significant competition. How will I get people to find the song?
I guess I have to deep into the sneaky internet-marketing :/

I have been a member in a few music-forums for a while now, and WOW, the amount of really talanted singer/songwriters seems huge! And another thing I discovered is that there are loads of really nice and helpful people hanging out in those forums.
So,if you are a musicfreak - I advice you to become a member as soon as possible!



The process of making a song

During todays training I rewrote parts of my text. AGAIN.
Guess it´s all part of the process of making a song and I´m happy I have the ability to be creative when I work on the text.
Can´t wait to record it! I desperatly want it out there so you can give me your feedback, but on the other hand, I want it to be really good before I make it public...

I know a really good guitarist (he also handle the drums nicely..., what a guy (!), maybe I can trick him to help ;))

Ok, more practice is on my schedule now, maybe I will catch a infection to my vocal cords when suddenly training them every day? But, so be it in that case...



Ken Tamplin and starting up the vocaltraining

Hehe, this is actually fun!
I visited me vocal coach today and I also had time to visit a friend of a friend who has the Ken Tamplin vocal academy. It seems pretty good, I tried out some exercises and yepp, maybe this can be something to use between visiting the IRL coach.

I remade the melody to "Power within" today, think it will be really cool but quite hard for me to sing. So now I have to put a lot of time into training, I do want to sing this song myself.

Maybe I am optimistic (as always...) but I am going to do everything I can to have a decent recording of the song in a few weeks, with guitars, drums, intro, all in place! Do you think I will make it??

Wish me luck!



Vocal training

I should put some vocals on my song today. Yeah, I am so naive...
I started singing 3 weeks ago and think I should pull it off. Turned out that the song I written needs some restruction to fit my voice. And (surprise, surprise!) I need to do some vocal training to be able to sing my song in a good way. Isn´t that boooring?
Since I´m not totally stupid I get that I have a LOT of work to do, just don´t want the recording of my song to take more time....
Am so curious how it will turn out when ready! Can´t wait! So during next week I will do some serious practicing and we will use some of the upcoming weekend to work on it.



Music creation

Have to say that music creation ROCKS!
We started out this day with a rowdy soundcard, efter some annoying tries to get a hold of what was wrong it turned out to be pretty cooperative.
We started put guitars and drums to my song, and the best part of making your own song is that you can build it up just like you want to! Thats really great, I whish I had the knowledge and skills to doing this myself but with someone who knows me and the sound I like and also have the skills...wow, I feel really lucky!

Hoping to get some time this evening to proceed, this is SO inspiring and I just don't want to do anything else!



Patience, patience...

Ugh, once again I'm struggeling to have some patience.
My optimistic plans for building up my song last night did not turn out the way I wanted it to. The one that were supposed to help out just could not make it.
We're going to try to find some time during the weekend and I hope it works out this time!
Meanwhile I practice singing, got really good feedback from people listening to my cover on Soundcloud with a lot of good tips.
To sum up the latest two days; patience and practice!


Fixing music...!

Just did a quick recording of the vocals (with my phone...) to "Power within".
I actually think this song can be quite good, going to start fixing with the music in the evening and I look forward to upload it so you can hear it!

I have no idea how long the "music-fixing-thing" are going to take, but the aim for now is not to produce it on an expert-level. Just want it ready for critique.



I didn´t die!

Hehe, a few weeks ago I had definitely thought I would have died if I let others listening to me singing. Now when several persons heard my cover and I am starting to get feedback, it feels great! As said before, I just started with this and I will for sure proceed!
Never felt so increadably alive as I did when recording that song, of course it containes a few big mistakes, but whatever! I am a beginner.

I am working on rewriting the lyrics to my song "Power within", there was a few changes I suddenly felt I should do. Hoping to get som help within the next weeks to put music to it, lets see what happens!



Hear me on Soundcloud!

Finally, finally, there is a sample of my extreamly newfound songvoice on Soundcloud. I know it´s far from perfect, but remember that this is my first recording ever and I have just started to let others hear me sing and getting to know how to use my voice.
But this does definitely NOT mean that I don´t want critique, because I really do! Feel free to bounce it off to me!




I have recorded!

Got some help recording "Sober" a bit more proffessional today. Probably going to upload it on soundcloud tomorrow:) get back to you with the link.
It was awsome recording with good equipment! Not very nervous, just letted it all out!
Good night to you all!


Pinks Sober

I decided to give up on Ignite, at least for a while. Got tired of trying to make music for my vocals. Instead I found myself an instrumental version of Pinks "Sober" to wich I recorded my singing. I also did find an interesting site to upload it on, maybe that site could lead to interesting collaborations. Get back to you about that later.
I had a great time recording, I really enjoy singing and my journey feels SO right!
Will try to get some sleep now so I can keep up my work tomorrow!


...and hey...

If someone is sitting out there being some kind of an expert on Ignite or whatever program, please help me out here!!!


Hm, I´m about to loose it...
My patience is not the best as you know by now, and Ignite and me are struggeling a bit. Trying to understand how the f*** to record the vocals. Need to look at tutorial videos and read a stupid manual. Those things aren´t for me.
My next song is definitely going to be called "Impatient bitch"and I am reffering to myself...

If this doesn´t give me a heart attack, I will get back when the vocals are where I want them to.