Terrifying and awful

My first ever reharsal

...went....not so good!
It was terrifying and awful. I never sung to anyone before. Not even my closest family. Now I had to sing in front of 4 guys, in a microphone that didn't behave anything like the one I use for recording and almost completely without hearing myself. That experience was indeed terrifying for me! Shaking like a leaf. Literally.
But I always say to myself (and others...) to face your fears. This one is qualifying into my list. First place, as the matter of fact.
I wanted to die but at the same time I felt an urgent need to show off! Strange...:s

I am going to perform "When You Sleep" with a rockband called "The van Desh", check them out:
The singer is one of my coaches and also the one I share my life with. Not easy beeing a rookie- singer with that bastard in the house! 
I feel sorry for the guys, maybe I will destroy their reputation... They are brave letting me do this!

Good thing there still are a few weeks left for the gig. I need to reherse more!

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