Sunday evening

This sunday evening in Sweden is awsome! The sun is shining, it's warm and...yeah, just perfect!
I will head outside in a while writing some lyrics while whatching the sun go down. This particular lyric's been on my mind since yesterday. Got to get it out of my system.

Only two weeks remains until I am supposed to perform "When You Sleep" live. Actually I was thinking about starting a poll here. How many of you think I will actually make it? Haha, well, good for me I have a great deal of self-irony.
I'll make sure to update you when it's all over ;)

This tuesday I'll see my new vocal coach for the first time. I heard she is really good! Now I can only hope I'm not too much for her to handle. I call myself crazy for a reason. Like to joke around, talk to everybody I meet (like in the store or bus-que) and I always, always have to say something stupid ;). Just for the fun of it!
Well, guess it's all up to me. If I want to spend my money on joking with her instead of learning I might be a bit off. Seriously. Hmm, I'll find a way to handle myself ;)

Good evening to all of you!

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