Ahhh! New songs, new songs :)

2 new song is nearly done!

Ok, here's the deal with song nr 1. I just tried out a duet with an Australian band. The song is SO freakin' lovely! It sticks to your brain like glue. My 11-year old humms it nearly 24/7 ;) 
I'm just about done with my part of the vocals and I really hope that the guys will love it! Gonna be a blast to hand the file over to them! This was one of those songs that were really easy to sing. No pitching-problems ;) Just fun and easy. I think our voices fit great together and I am proud over what I acheived. Lets hope they don't hate it :/...

Song nr 2. For this, I wrote the lyrics the other day. It was that kind of lyrics that just pops-up from nowhere, took me 15 min and the lyrics were done! Actually we didn't change anything. 
The last couple of days we made some cool music to go along with it. In this one I struggle a bit with the vocals, once again wishing I had that powerful male voice...Which I don't. Anyway, I need to record the last verse to it and make a skilled guitarist record too, then this song is ready aswell!

Funny, half a year has passed since I started this crazy and unexpected journey. The goal was to record a rockdemo during the year. Will I end up "just" putting vocals on others songs or will I reach my goal? So far, just 1 song is finished "When You Sleep" and the one I talked about above which is nearly done. By the way that song is called "Beautiful Land" and does not stick to my major favourite of dark-side-lyrics. 
When I wrote it I were just greatful for the opportunity we all have to be alive. You know, thats a great thing.


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