What's going on in the rock culture?

Is the rock culture up for changes?

I just read a few articles in "Classic Rock" magazine, they all were about the crisis that's facing rock.
One of the articles were about females in rock. Where are they?
In the pop-genre, the most successfull is female. Then take a look at the rockscene. How many of the famous rockbands even got a female memeber? All this made me think about why.
I believe there could be a lot less females that are into rock then guys. But at the same time, there is girls that are killer drummers, guitarists, vocalists etc. Why don't we get to see more of them?

Let me quote something from the magazine;
"Just five females have headlined Glasto. Of 150 acts at Download 2013 only 10 included a woman!"

Is this a result of the male-dominated genre? Not many women would like to get paid in beer, the article states. (But I like beer, so that would be fine with me;))

Furhter on it says:
"Sometimes it's a case that you don't fit in because you don't banter the way men do, drink the way they do, or they're still threatened by women around them".

So, what do you think? Reflections? Use the comment-link below and tell me!

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