Awsome vocal coach!

Today I had the first meeting with my new vocal coach. And, as I suspected, we laughed a lot! She was almost as crazy as I am! She also turned out to be really great. That's for sure a plus ;)

She made me realize I have a few muscles (that I dind't know about...) that comes in very handy when you try to sing. Especially when hitting high - and low - notes. Since one of my problems is the low notes, this information turned out very usefull. Inspired like h*ll I went back home, did some of the things I learned and...pressed "record" in Cubase.
I can tell you the difference was big. Bigger then I expected. The excitment went even further up and now I just can't seem to stop singing! Hah, can you believe how much of a difference a great vocal coach can do?

Many singers out there says they are "self-taught". For me that would not have been a great option, there are so much more that I can learn from someone that knows a lot about how the chords work, the major impact you're body has on your singing etc.

And, you know what?
I finally know the secret about why some singers are wailing way too much...


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