It's strange

Strange how some songs are so easy to sing and some are nearly impossible

Until now I have been collaborating on 4 songs and my task has been to record the vocals. I think it's strange how easy some songs are to sing and some are nearly impossible. Realizing I'm a rookie and hopefully I will learn this over time. But anyway.

I almost gave up on one of the songs. No matter how much I tried my pith was waaaaay out of line and I couldn't get it right! Why is that?? Maybe there are some scientific answer to this question? Then please enlighten me!

To get over this kind of frustrating matters in the future, I will get me another vocal- coach. Hopefully this person can explain a few things to me that I don't seem to get.
Said it before; never thought this journey would be easy but some things are just unbelievable...


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