Tips for stage fright

As you know I am quite nervous for the live performance next saturday. My brand new, splendid vocal coach gave me some tips. Now I want to hear from you!

Even if you haven't been in the exact situation of a live-gig, all of us made some kind of performance in life. Maybe you were forced to give a lecture in your work or hold a speech of some kind.

Help me ut here and extend the list below. I'll write some of the tips I already have.

1) Pretend the crowd is naked (hrm...)
2) Pretend you are a star and that the audience can't do it better themselfs.
3) Pretend you are surrounded by warriors protecting you from negative energy (ok...?)
4) Connect with one person in the audience and sing to him/her.

So I managed to get 4 in my list but I bet you have some great tips aswell!
To make this a little more exciting, the one who comes up with the best tip for me will receice the first ex of my single "When You Sleep" on CD. Including the first ever autograph! Priceless, I got to say, haha!
In regards to the performance, send your tips by the commentlink below no later than thursday 26 june.
Make sure to leave your mail adress in the comment if you are interested in this unique CD ;)
I administrate all comments before publishing so your mail will not be displayed on the blog!

Enjoy yourself while figuring out what could be really helpful when performing!

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