Greatest music community ever

Hi all!
I want to tell you about my different music collaborators. Up till now I worked in a few different constellations, all of them were found (directly and inderectly) through a really great music community.

If you are a musician of any kind and want to be part of a network where highly skilled and rookies all come together to help each other out, discuss any music related toipc, learn how to write songs or lyrics, find someone to collaborate with, then I suggest you take a look at http://www.songstuff.com/ I highly recommend you to subscribe for a membership in this great community!

As part of the sites moderator-team, I realize this post may be seen as PR. However this is not my intention. I simply want other musicians around the world to be able to take part of the endless possibilities that's waiting for you out there! An insider tip; I happen to know that there are some really cool stuff going on at the site. You'll probably hear about them soon ;)

So come on!! Let's meet in the forums!

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