Updates, updates, updates....

I always hear you have to update your blog at least once a day, or else no one will follow you. But hey, this is not an awarage blog. I don´t write about what I seen during the day, or what I heard or eat.

This blog is just about me, trying to reach my goal on this winding journey that I hope should lead to the uploading of at least 2 songs on, lets say, Soundcloud for example.

My lack of vocal training, my lack of knowledge on how to actually build up a song (the fact that I have been writing "lyrics" for a couple of years doesn´t mean that I knew how to built it up in a good way, just figured that out!) is the foundation to my journey. I really want to try this out, singing my own music. And along the way I decided to make it a little more fun, no one knows I am doing it apart from my closest little family. Not my sister, not my mother, not my best friend. I love having my own, secret little project ;)

If I don´t have anyone else to compete with, I can always try to amaze myself. Or not...well, we haven´t really heard the oucome of that yet.

I just wish I had the time and that the one around me that can help had the time. I feels so frustrating, I want to express my self and my fellings thrue my music, but I can´t make it on my own. I have to rely on others to make it happen. And that "other" is not a producer or something like that and have a whole life besides me and my crazy dreams. This journey sucks sometimes but I will not give up. Somehow I will make it.


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