Another day gone

...hm, that could have been a songtitle! But not this time. Now I am referring to this day, it is soon over and I haven´t had the time to do much about either the voice or the songs. However, the upcoming weekend looks promising!

I try to figure out how I should market my first song when it´s ready for release. Internet is obviously filled with opportunities, but also with a significant competition. How will I get people to find the song?
I guess I have to deep into the sneaky internet-marketing :/

I have been a member in a few music-forums for a while now, and WOW, the amount of really talanted singer/songwriters seems huge! And another thing I discovered is that there are loads of really nice and helpful people hanging out in those forums.
So,if you are a musicfreak - I advice you to become a member as soon as possible!


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