Royal Hunt

Damn. Soon it will be doomsday. On thursday I will go for a lesson with the vocal coach.
I have been rehearsing Royal Hunts "Halfway to lonliness" a billion times. Strangly, I still like the song!
Wondering how it will turn out on thursday. Maybe she will say I am truly a hopeless case and kick me out afraid of bad publicity having me there...?
So keep your fingers crossed that I pull this off!

And by the way. I left my song for critique yesterday. And I am really glad about all the feedback I got! Most thought the lyrics were great and there were a few things to change. I am so happy about this!! Think about it; never wrote a song in my entire life with the aim to actually do something of it. And now I got this positive feedback that gives me energy to keep on my track!

I will keep on rocking!!

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