Sorting the lyrics and request to write more

When I realized in december that I was going to start this journey I gathered most of my lyrics and had them written down in my pc. Usually I write them on paper (you know, that ancient method that besides the paper also requires a pen ;)) and mostly they end up somewhere in the house. Makes them hard to find whenever I need them, lol. After I finished "When You Sleep" I had the wonderful opportunity to work on others songs providing vocals for them. I saw this as a great opportunity to me in the hard work on developing my voice. At the same time I have been working on 2 of my own songs and writing even more vocals. I feel that I just do a bunch of stuff but my initial plan for this year is not even near to be realized half this year has almost past for crying out loud! So I decided to bring some order to this self-inflicted chaos. The plan for tonight is to clean up in my lyrics-list, go back to the lyrics I intend to make minor changes to and then just wait for that day to come when they will be borught to live! We also decided yesterday to take on another approach to "Power Within", still a duet but I will do a harmony on the choruses and leave the rest to my better half ;) Above this I also had a request today to write some lyrics for another rockband. Feels very exciting! A small girl with a big plan... //MMR

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