Impressive musicians

Wow! Who would have thought the world would be crowded with impressive musicians? When this crazy journey started I thought about how to get on. The only thing I had were my lyrics. My voice were untrained and I felt unsure. And all I could lean on was my goal. Record a few of my own songs. I love working on my own music and take part of the transition from words on a sheet to a finished song. That's amazing! Not all have the time needed to produce songs. My rock-collaborator truly fits in that category for the time beeing. You know I had the great luck to hook up with a few other collaborators. It's highly developing for me to have this opportunity. I get to sing songs I never could have imagined! This crazy journey seems to lead me everywhere:) I just hang in there and let it take me wherever! Exciting is a perfect word for it. //MMR

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