Destiny or what?

I still don´t know if I believe in what we usually call "destiny", but I still find it strange that shortly after finding my passion for music, I got unemployed. For the first time ever. I do have a lot of time for my project now and I will for sure use that time wisely.
Also, during this time I´ve been lucky enough to meet many people willing to help me out, isn´t that great? At the same time I wonder why they want to spend any time on me. The crazy, imptient girl that lacks all kinds of experience. Just started to sing and...I just don´t get it. 

But because I decided to do this, (call it goal-oriented or stubborn... ) I give my soul for this. This is the way I am, all or nothing! If i decided to do something, I do it! I will give you an example; 
In school I always hated mathematics. I really sucked on it and coud never figure out why I needed to understand, which I never did anyway. But then, many years later, I started dreaming of taking an MBA (Master of Business Administration). That course includes a lot of mathematics since it focuses on economics. Hrm. But hey, how hard can it be ;) It turned out to be really hard. Especially since I had my full time employment to take care of aswell. Now I have my degree, it was not without tears and blod, but still I made it. And I am proud over my achievement.  This is what my ongoing journey is all about. I want to show you all out there that everyone can fulfill their dreams. I never had high thoughts of myself and that made me who I am today. Now I take revenge on myself. I am totally convinced that the power we have within just needs to be let out. You can make it.

Ok, lets go back to where I were..I usually spend around 1 hour a day on vocal training, then I work on my lyrics and the melodies.
My intentions for tomorrow is to keep on rehersing on my first song, "Power within", and if I get it the way I want I will also record it. Next up is the new song, which is for a project on a newly found collaboration. The song is "When you sleep" and I am going to give a shot at recording the song to that tomorrow!

So you see, unemployed or not- I always have much to do!

//MMR (again...)

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