A crashed computer equals PAIN!

The computer we use for music is dead. Couldn´t it have died like a year ago or something when I was less intrested in it then now?? I do think the bastard have a soul...I gotta wach out at night hereafter, since it obviously don´t like me too much.
I have a deadline that I need to hold so now I am quite stressed :/ Getting help from someone that has better hands with this technology scrap and just wish some CPR will bring it back again.

Well, thank God I can still practice on my vocals without a computer to mess around with. Thats what I´ve been up to today. And I have to say that all the excercises pay off, I have improved quite a bit and that is so fun! Even I can hear it ;)Looking forward to record this someday when the dead one has raised again!


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