Now it happens

Some things can´t move from 0 to 5 billion in 0,3 seconds. Others apparantly can. I handed over one of my songs for production yesterday, I just can´t wait to get to hear just a part of it! Excited!
It´s just totally unbelievable how fast things can happen.

Maybe this will turn out bad, not because of the guy producing (he seems to know what he is doing!) but because of me and my voice.
That kind of freaks me out a bit. But at the same time; this is me. I sound like this. My goal was to record about 3 or 4 songs this year and put them out for release. So I will stick to my goal, no matter what. If you guys out there don´t like it, it will be a shame but nothing I can change.

I hang on to my dream and wish it will turn out well!


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