A great time to live!

Hi and welcome to my "sunday-thoughts".
I got to tell you how lucky I feel about living in the 2014. You all know about my crazy dream and how little I can make on my own due to lack of knowledge and skills when it comes to creating music.
I started this journey all alone, along the way I found someone to help me recording and building up the music. But time seems to come in our way quite often. So I started to look around for others to collaborate with. I found one that can help me with both music and producing and just yesterday I run in to someone on the internet that has great skills as a lyricist. Read a few of his lyrics and they are SO great!

My initial though of this project was to stay strictly to my own lyrics, but when I look around and discover how much amazing jobs are done out there I start to hesitate. Why not let these guys out of the light and choose one of their lyrics for my project?

Imagine I lived a hundred years ago; how far do you think I had come on my journey then?


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