When shyness gets between you and your dreams

Those of you who been with me from the beginning in december 2013 knows about my shyness. I never had the guts to sing infront of people. The fact that I live with a rocksinger who is part of two great bands put a lot of preassure on me. I always loved to sing but I only did it when alone and nobody could hear me. Then something just hit me in december and thats when I decided to go for it. What were I afraid of? Should I let my shyness come between me and my dreams? I decided to not let it stay that way. I have nothing to be afraid of. If anyone complains on the sound of my voice I don't take it personal. My voice is my instrument and I have to learn how to manage it. Just like if I were learning to play the guitar or whatever. When my vocal coach asked me the other day "hey, don't you hear how bad it sounds!? It's awfull!!" I did not break apart. I took his critique with me, understood the point and tried to make it better. That's what this is all about for me. Just do what you want, take the critique and make something good from it. I wish you don't let your shyness or other fears affect you in life. It's just a life, don't take it too serious! //MMR

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