A few weeks ago I wrote lyrics that I have had inside for 19 years. It's about the day my dad died. The other day we started to put music to it and when the first draft was ready my tears poured down my cheeks. It got so emotional, I could almost feel my dad in the room.
This song means so much to me and I want it to be far better than possible.
Even thouh it represents a really hard time in my life I look forward to present it to you.
Meanwhile, here's the lyrics:

Verse 1
For an unknown reason
You chosed to leave
Remeber the cops outside my door
Telling me you did'nt live no more

You laughed, still you knew
Sent me off with you're invitation to death
The one I missed for whole my life
Who finally showed me love
Ended himself
Betrayal, betrayal, betrayal

Verse 2 
No matter the season
I feel the scent
Of a flower I knew you loved
Wish it's you cheking in on me


I miss you like never before
For hte last time I've slammed your door
You're forever out of my life
My heart is stabbed by a knife


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