Back from delirium

Oh, yeah! Finally the bacteria, virus, deamon or whatever it was is giving up! Slowly coming back from delirium again. My voice is nearly what it should be and I really hope to be able to record lyrics for the lovesong I promised to give a shot at! That's a quite cool project, I think. Just started to sing a few months ago and during that time I only stayed at rock (besides the million diffferent scales I'v been forced to do...thanks vocalcoach!). So this is a challenge for me but as you know by now - challenge is my middlename ;)and I really look forward to do this. Besides staying in bed I managed to write a couple of lyrics. Not because I really need them, I got so many already and so little time to make songs from them :(, but I just felt like it. Never seen myself as a good lyricist, but it is SUPERFUN when I get feedback like "oh, you did it again, another great lyric by you". These kind of comments gives me even more inspiration to keep on. But again, you only like what you like. I bet there are billions of people that would hate my lyrics if they read them but that doesn't matter to me. I do what I like and if just one more person in the world likes it - then it all makes sense to me. Wishing you all a great saturday evening! //MMR

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