Hear the result!

"Seven People", a really cool and different song by my collab, can be found here:

I loved record vocals for this one! Think it's amazing and it really grows for everytime you hear it!


A final touch

Just a small tecnicality left and then I'm ready to let the creator hear my vocals :)
The song is really different and cool and belongs to my Austrian collaborators.
Planning to hand it over this evening and, as usual, if they like what I did I'll let you know where to find it!


Anyone in need of lyrics??

You know what?
I have lyrics all over the place. I'm trying to find someone that can use them, hopefully a publisher. Simply, my time is not enough to make something out of them all.
The critique I got on all the lyrics I've been sharing on inernet is really positive!
The rocker I've got at home loves them. And he is quite picky...
If anyone is interested, or knows someone that is; don't hesitate to contact me!


I get the process

The synth upstairs is hidden under a serious amount of paper. All contains lyrics. But there is one that draws my attention. Again, "Betrayal" is the one. I really understand the "making music is a process" by now. We made alterations to the lyrics. The chorus became bridge and the bridge became chorus.
But right now I spend a lot of time writing lyrics. Found old ones I hardly knew I had so now I finished a lot of them!



A few weeks ago I wrote lyrics that I have had inside for 19 years. It's about the day my dad died. The other day we started to put music to it and when the first draft was ready my tears poured down my cheeks. It got so emotional, I could almost feel my dad in the room.
This song means so much to me and I want it to be far better than possible.
Even thouh it represents a really hard time in my life I look forward to present it to you.
Meanwhile, here's the lyrics:

Verse 1
For an unknown reason
You chosed to leave
Remeber the cops outside my door
Telling me you did'nt live no more

You laughed, still you knew
Sent me off with you're invitation to death
The one I missed for whole my life
Who finally showed me love
Ended himself
Betrayal, betrayal, betrayal

Verse 2 
No matter the season
I feel the scent
Of a flower I knew you loved
Wish it's you cheking in on me


I miss you like never before
For hte last time I've slammed your door
You're forever out of my life
My heart is stabbed by a knife



Under production

What can I say? By this time I really thought, in my ignorance, that I had several songs done. But, no. I know a lot of you are wondering when - if ever - I will share a new song with you.
All I can tell is: I will. I have a few under production right now. Like every muscician I talk to says:
"Making music is a process".
Ok, I get it.
I just struggle to accept it.

By the way, I received a video of my first ever performance last saturday. When will I get enough courage to look at that? I will for sure feel stupid and even more crazy than I actually am.
Maybe I can just pretend it doesn't exist?



Getting better..;)

Hi all!
Check out my latest result on Reverbnation here:

To all of you, and my fans...;), THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I'm thrilled my first song and recording got this far, amazes me!

I'll make sure to celebrate this:)


I did NOT expect this!

Got to share this with you.
I am now to be found on Reverbnation. I only have one song yet, as you all are painfully aware of...and that one is uploaded on Reverbnations page.
I am currently on place 10 (!!!!) in the local rank. About 70 artists are rockers in the same location. AWSOME!! This gets me so freaki'n inspired! On place nr 5 I found H.E.A.T, one of the bands that inspires me a lot.