Five tips to destroy a hit

Five tips to destroy the hit you could have made

In my opinion

1) Make sure your lyrics follow all technicalities and academic rules you can find. Pay good attention to the rhyming and the meter, oh, that just has to be right! You should also include a bridge and preferably even an outro besides the obligatory verses and chorus.

2) Your first draft of the vocals should only be seen for what they really are – a rough idea. There’s no need to pay attention to the feeling you put in there. That won’t matter in the end anyway.

3) When recording vocals, you may also want to add some backing vocalists to it (that are better than you). That way you’ll make sure no one hears any mistakes you might have done.

4) Your music also deserves to take a deeper look into. Don’t even think about doing anything that stands out too much. Stick to what usually works. Boring? Yeah, but effective!

5) Your music and vocals should now be ready to join up to form the complete song. Then it’s time for mixing and mastering. Good luck on that one. But there is a tip I want to share with you to make it easy and quick. Just increase almost everything as much as possible and when you done that – for God’s sake, don’t forget to kick ass with the pitch-corrector! You don’t want to reveal your voice is human, do you?

By following these 5 simple steps you are now ready to sit back, enjoy your work and watch your song climb thru the boards. One side-effect, though. Unfortunately your own creativity might suffer for a long time after this. I know mine would, my songs come from the heart and I want them to show that. I’m not a perfect singer or perfect lyricist but that’s just me doing what I love. 


In a lyricists mind

What's going on in a lyricists mind

Some unpredictible things happened the last couple of weeks but now I hope I can spend time on my music, life and blog again (notice the order I unwittingly wrote them in...) The only musicrelated I've been doing lately is writing a couple of lyrics. It's quite strange how that process can take form. I mean, these new lyrics just hit the paper, almost by them selfs. When I read them again a little later I wonder where in the world they came from. Our minds are surley full of stuff that we hardly is aware of. Or is it just me and my crazy brain? Maybe some of you musicians and lyrisicts out there recognize this feeling? I surly hope so because we all know what it means if you don't ;)
And to all of you; take care of your precious lives!


New mix of "Vincent"

Just had to go pro on Soundcloud to replace "Vincent and me". There's a new mix available, hope you like it! https://soundcloud.com/mazingmaryrocks/vincent-and-me-final


48 h day begins tomorrow!

The last week has been really crazy and loaded with other stuffs than music. Now I find myself a bit behind schedule, have vocals to record (promised them for tomorrow...ooops!)and a great deal of other promised things to get done. Time to step up and get that freakin 24 hours to realize that it ain't enough. I will force them to clone themselfs and if I found blackmailing every single hour the only way out I'll do it! If you wake up tomorrow and find out there is 48 hours in a day you'll know who to thank. Or not, depending on how you see it. //MMR


Creating the impossible life

Hi! Just realized I'm creating a life I can't live for a longer period. Most of you know I'm unemployed and as I said before, I've got TONS of stuff to do anyway! Why? Music took over my life...and not only music but also all the other stuffs that could come with it, if you just throw yourself out there. Like finding an awsome international community for musicians (Hello, Songstuff!) and the national option for musician matchmaking (Hi, DivaMusic! Congrats to the release!). I keep asking myself how on earth I can go back to a full-time employment after this...I don't feel like working on (and with!) anything else than this. Ever. Period. //MMR


Good and unexpected news!

Hi! Must tell you the girl I collaborated with on the song "Vincent and me" could easily sell leafs to a tree! She is truly amazing. She managed to get the song uploaded to the official Vincent van Gogh site. After next update it will be found here: http://www.vangoghgallery.com/ Awsome!! //MMR


I'm back again!

Even if it's just for a moment. There are so many things going on right now that my blog just had to wait for a couple of days. Almost everything I have to do is related to music somehow. It varies between marketing (not my own stuffs, but anyway;), writing new songs, record vocals for 3 songs at the moment, writing lyrics and so on. But you know what? You can't have too much to do as long as you enjoy it! That were todays words of wisdom from my point of view ;) Wish you all a nice evening! //MMR


I can't believe this

Things are happening around here :) Today I got a question to start up another collaboration, this is awsome! It's actually so awsome I can't belive it... Feel like the luckiest bastard alive! //MMR


Queen of Spades

Ok, next song's up for recording! A rock-blues that's awsome! :) This is a another result of the collaborators that also did "Vincent and me". This one is called "Queen of Spades" and the lyricist wrote it for a good friend of hers thats been cheated on by his wife. Not ok, girl! Find myself struggeling with the same problem as with "Power Within". It's so awsome I can't get a hold on myself, haha ;)I want to sing this song ALL the time! I really enjoy it! Maybe I will find the time to finish it any day? You just never know! Have a great one! //MMR


Hear the result of my latest collaboration!

Hi guys! You'll find the result of my latest collaboration right here: https://soundcloud.com/mazingmaryrocks/vincent-and-me-final

Sorting the lyrics and request to write more

When I realized in december that I was going to start this journey I gathered most of my lyrics and had them written down in my pc. Usually I write them on paper (you know, that ancient method that besides the paper also requires a pen ;)) and mostly they end up somewhere in the house. Makes them hard to find whenever I need them, lol. After I finished "When You Sleep" I had the wonderful opportunity to work on others songs providing vocals for them. I saw this as a great opportunity to me in the hard work on developing my voice. At the same time I have been working on 2 of my own songs and writing even more vocals. I feel that I just do a bunch of stuff but my initial plan for this year is not even near to be realized half this year has almost past for crying out loud! So I decided to bring some order to this self-inflicted chaos. The plan for tonight is to clean up in my lyrics-list, go back to the lyrics I intend to make minor changes to and then just wait for that day to come when they will be borught to live! We also decided yesterday to take on another approach to "Power Within", still a duet but I will do a harmony on the choruses and leave the rest to my better half ;) Above this I also had a request today to write some lyrics for another rockband. Feels very exciting! A small girl with a big plan... //MMR


Late in the evening but I'm still on it!

Now I'll head upstairs to Cubase! Got to finish the song "Vincent and me" wich is a song made by my latest collaborators. A nice one in the blues-genre! Who would have known... //MMR


A bunch of words

is what I'll provide to you this beautiful sunday evening ;) Today i've been working a lot with the vocals for my own song, Power Within. It takes eons of time to finish it, but Rome was not built on a day ;)I have a hard time finding how to sing it, in what note. I love this song SO much, it's a KILLER and I simply can't control myself (or my voice) singing it. Just want to SCREAM when I sing as a result of my excitment! Think I have to sing it five billion times before I can press "rec" just to cool down a bit, lol. I'm gonna try hard to get calm so you can hear it soon! //MMR


Impressive musicians

Wow! Who would have thought the world would be crowded with impressive musicians? When this crazy journey started I thought about how to get on. The only thing I had were my lyrics. My voice were untrained and I felt unsure. And all I could lean on was my goal. Record a few of my own songs. I love working on my own music and take part of the transition from words on a sheet to a finished song. That's amazing! Not all have the time needed to produce songs. My rock-collaborator truly fits in that category for the time beeing. You know I had the great luck to hook up with a few other collaborators. It's highly developing for me to have this opportunity. I get to sing songs I never could have imagined! This crazy journey seems to lead me everywhere:) I just hang in there and let it take me wherever! Exciting is a perfect word for it. //MMR


Back to work!

And this time I mean Cubase and recording;) Today I started to record a song in the blues-genre. I had a great time! Love to sing that song for some reason. You might get to listen to it in a few days! Take care and have a nice weekend! //MMR